Quest Montessori School Robotics team up with Narragansett officials

From left to right: Narragansett Town Councilor Jesse Pugh, Haley Votta, Abigail Blair, Isabel Blair, Sydney Cagnetta and Narragansett Town Engineer Jon Gerhard.

Members of the Quest Montessori robotics team met with Narragansett Town Council member, Jesse Pugh, and Town Engineer, Jon Gerhard this week as part of their research for this year's FIRST Lego League challenge: City Shapers

The Quest team of 6th-8th grade students has spent the last several months studying the environmental effects of impermeable surfaces, storm runoff, and how permeable pavement and green roofs might lessen the impact.

Under the direction of the team coach, Anne Reinhardt, students contacted Councilman Pugh and requested a meeting to better understand the challenges faced on the local level. Students were given over an hour of the Pugh and Gerhard’s time and asked questions about real world applications and how Narragansett might benefit from some of these sustainable measures.

This was the third information-gathering meeting students held as part of their project research. Previously students hosted Pam Rubinoff from the URI Graduate School of Oceanography's Coastal Resources Center and spoke via conference call with Land Architect, Katy Foley, from Rios Clementi Hale Studios in Los Angeles.

Competition begins with the qualifying round of FIRST Lego League on Dec. 15 at the Gordon School in East Providence. This will be the 6th year that the Quest Robotics team has participated in the FIRST Lego League competition. Last year the Quest Robotics team won the prestigious Core Values award, their second award for this category.

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