WAA’s latest exhibition, which starts this Friday, will showcase the work of many accomplished, local artists working through the medium of paper.


NORTH KINGSTOWN—Cindy Wilson’s photography is well-known throughout Rhode Island, but even she was surprised when the invite came from a collection of artists promoting their craft through a singular medium; paper. 

“I am very privileged to be part of this group because their standards are really high,” said Wilson of ’19 on Paper.’ “There are so many times where I think to myself, ‘I never would have experienced that’, or ‘someone took that idea and treated it extremely differently than what I would do.’ This group is reall,y really good at that.” 

Wilson and others will reap the benefits of their hard work this weekend as 19 on Paper as the group will be opening an exhibition at the Wickford Art Association (WAA). 

“For us, this is an important exhibition,” said Judy Salvadore, Gallery Director at WAA. “We have a lot of members in the group and like to do one show a year that is truly community-oriented.” 

Salvadore and Wilson said 19 on Paper, which counts a number of WAA members as its own, gives artists an opportunity to not only experiment through a specific medium, but also interact with other professionals and gather ideas about their craft. WAA Educational Coordinator and 19 on Paper member Felicia Touhey agreed. 

“People know what a painting is, but works on paper tend to take a back seat,” said Touhey. “Most artists work in a vacuum and show work when they can. When you are with a group where your mission is to get your work as a whole group out there, it is a different vision. Even though people are working very differently, some are concrete while others very abstract, it is an important statement for all the artists participating.” 

19 on Paper was started by a small gathering of local artists looking to work more with paper, and has since grown into an exclusive group which selects members based on quality and exhibition history. 

“You have to present a portfolio which shows the level of competence and your consistency of your vision,” explained Wilson. “Once that process is over, and the group agrees your work is of the quality that would be beneficial to the group, then it becomes allowing the people to experience a meeting and to have all of us see if the group would work well with the person.” 

“Everyone in this group is an accomplished artist and working at a pretty high level,” she continued. “I am really flattered to be a part of it. People will not have seen some of the techniques and ways paper is interpreted by the artists, and the quality is so high that I think the show will be strong and bring in a range of work that isn’t readily seen in our part of the state.” 

Salvadore and Touhey believes the exhibit, which opens this Friday, will open North Kingstown residents’ eyes to some interesting takes on artistic expression. 

“We are very fortunate to have the show in Wickford,” said Touhey. 

The 19 on Paper exhibition opens Friday, Jan. 12. WAA will hold an opening reception on Sunday, Jan. 14 from 1 to 3 p.m. For more information, visit

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