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Managing partner of the Granny Squibb Company, Kelley McShane, at Dave’s Marketplace in Wickford last year, handing out samples of Granny Squibb’s iced tea flavors.

Last week, the Granny Squibb Company announced the launch of a new charitable campaign, which is aimed to help Rhode Island organizations or individuals reach their own philanthropic goals. 

The campaign, called “If We Can, We Will,” will be going on all holiday season and into the new year. 

With the campaign, the Granny Squibb team is seeking to assist as many applicants as possible to achieve their charitable goals through creative, non-monetary means, whether they be charitable organizations or individuals with their own projects. The creative means being offered by the Granny Squibb team includes the donation of their time, energy, making connections within the Rhode Island community, and other methods.

The Granny Squibb Company is a Providence-based iced tea company, offering three flavors, in both sweetened and unsweetened varieties: lemon, lime and cranberry. 

The history of the company dates back to the early 1930s, when Sally Squibb, in her Saunderstown home, brewed a special blend of black tea, fresh mint, juice from lemons, and sugar. And in 2009, Sally’s granddaughter, Robin, realized the business opportunity of bringing her grandmother’s “astonishingly delicious” iced tea to market. She went on to found The Granny Squibb Company in Providence. 

Since then, the company and its employees have made a concerted effort to give back to Rhode Island communities, with “If We Can, We Will” being just the latest example. 

The managing partner of the Granny Squibb Company, Kelley McShane, said that “giving back is at the heart” of the company. 

“Throughout the years we have supported many different organizations and causes including Amos House and Save the Bay,” McShane said. “Most recently we began hosting a monthly party in the Izzy Room at Hasbro Hospital and donated our time at Sarto in Providence at a guest bartending event where the evening’s proceeds benefited Providence Animal Rescue League. We only scratch the surface of the good being done in our great state and want to help others that are giving back too.”

But while each member of the Granny Squibb team has their causes that they’re passionate about, the “If We Can, We Will” campaign presents the company with an opportunity to hear from others and provide assistance, beyond their own causes. 

McShane explained that the goal of the “If We Can, We Will” campaign is to directly and officially continue to reach out to the community. 

“It’s a new campaign that we launched last week,” she said. “It’s a way to reach out to our community in an official capacity, to see how we can help.”

Charitable organizations and individuals can now go the Granny Squibb’s website where there is a tab called “outreach,” which then leads them to a page entitled “If We Can, We Will.” From there, the organizations or individuals can fill out a submission form, which requests specific information about who or what is the organization is, what type of help is required and where help is needed. 

The Granny Squibb team will then review the applications and determine they can provide assistance. And, in keeping with the name of the campaign, if the team can help, they will. 

McShane explained that the company could help prospective applicants in many different ways, whether it be supplying iced tea, giving their ideas, using their connections or volunteering their time. She added that the goal of the campaign wasn’t to donate money, but to enmesh themselves in worthy causes around Rhode Island. 

“This isn’t a money thing, we’re not going to be donating thousands of dollars This is really just using our time and getting to know people. Getting to know different organizations in our community,” McShane said. “Donating our time is really important to us because we want to get to know people as well. We don’t want to just throw stuff at this, we really want to be involved.”

She went on to say that the idea for “If We Can, We Will” blossomed from the company’s charitable drive, as well as a desire to create an official method to continue giving back to communities. 

The idea was solidified during a team meeting, when one employee posed the question, “how can we be reaching out more?”  

“And another person said, ‘if we can do it, we will,’” McShane said. “And it just kind of evolved into this really cool idea.”

Granny Squibb’s director of digital marketing Emma Haskell took the idea and ran with it, almost immediately adding the charitable campaign to the company’s website. 

“We wanted it to be in an official capacity,” McShane added. “We get people reaching out to us all the time, which is awesome.”

However, when people would reach out to the Granny Squibb’s team in the past, there wasn’t a direct way to do so, leaving employees to sort through emails and find requests on their own, without an official means to do so. 

But with “If We Can, We Will,” the process has been streamlined, allowing the team to much more easily sort through and discuss which charitable projects the company should take on next. 

“It just [used to] take a lot of time, whereas this was a way to compile all of the information into one place just to be more efficient,” McShane said. “If we’re not spending our time going through email threads, we’ll have more time to actually help.” 

And Ana Mallozzi, Granny Squibb’s director of digital marketing and North Kingstown resident, said that the “If We Can, We Will” campaign wasn’t just about helping “surrounding” communities, but their own community, as well. 

“At the end of the day, we’re not workers at a multinational corporation. We live here. It’s not the surrounding community, it’s our community,” Mallozzi said. “Our customers are our neighbors and friends and family, and we really do care about them.

“Interested applicants can apply exclusively at by filling out the submission form there. Applications will be accepted through Jan. 31, however, submission does not guarantee the company can assist.

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