NORTH KINGSTOWN — At the July 6 meeting, the planning commission held its first review of a possible recommendation to the town council to amend the town’s zoning law for wildlife rehabilitation clinics in the Very Low Density Residential Zone (VLDRZ).

A second review on the amendment will take place at a July 14 commission meeting.

If approved by the commission and ultimately by the council, the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island would be able to formally apply to site a rehabilitation clinic as a special use in the VLDRZ.

One of the main concerns expressed by a number of commission members would be how such a facility, which would have a veterinarian on site, would handle medical waste.

It was questioned whether or not the waste would end up in the town’s water system. However, Emily Migliaccio, who is with the association, and Kristen Fletcher, who is director of the association, said there are state guidelines in place that govern how such material is to be handled.

Migliaccio said it’s covered under the vet’s state license, and he contracts with an off-site facility to dispose of the waste.

By the time the commission’s recommendation reaches the town council for the zoning ordinance amendment, it will also include a number of design standards, which will be discussed at the commission’s July 14 meeting. Though commission members said they will leave most of the determination to standards based on the town’s zoning board of review, whose job it will be to consider the proposed rehabilitation facility under the guidelines of a special use.

In other business, calling it a “minor request” by commission chair Jim Gundy, members granted a request from Narragansett-based Pinewood Village to be waived from being required to fill out a Master Plan Checklist for a proposed 88-unit housing project to be built on property at 50 South County Trail.

Grundy cautioned the applicant that by waiting to fill out the checklist until the proposal comes before the commission — when the public hearing process begins — that changes may be forth coming.

In addition to the commission’s approval to grant the waiver, the town council must also give its approval.

John Kupa, speaking for the applicant, said it was their intention to do just that, and will present more information when the commission begins to hold public hearings on the proposed development.

One of the items Pinewood Village did have to provide to the commission was a letter from the town’s Water Department saying there would be adequate water and water pressure to the development.

Commission members granted the waiver.

The commission also agreed to a cost estimate by the town engineer of $353,799 for completion of the Dusty Hollow minor subdivision proposal.

The engineer estimates that this would be the amount it would cost the town to finish the project to be located on Shermantown Road in the town’s VLDRZ should the owner fail to do so.

The applicant, James Dustin, said the engineer’s estimate closely matches one that his experts have come up with.

The application calls for a four-lot minor subdivision.

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