Dutch Island Lighthouse

One of Schulman’s photographs taken of the Dutch Island Lighthouse on Narragansett Bay will be on display at BankRI in North Kingstown until March. 


NORTH KINGSTOWN – Starting last week, the BankRI North Kingstown Gallery began showing the works of Howard Schulman, a Providence-based photographer who has lived in Rhode Island for nearly 30 years. The gallery, bluntly titled “My Rhode Island: Photographs by Howard Schulman,” will be on display until March. 

The work on display consists of photographs that are straightforward, unassuming appreciations of the Rhode Island landscape, with Schulman using no digital effects, odd angles or lenses and shooting only in color. 

While he works as a doctor of internal medicine in East Providence, Schulman, an avid runner, said he was inspired to take up photography when he first moved to Rhode Island, exploring the trails throughout his new home state. 

He ran and hiked all throughout the state–in Burrillville, Block Island, Westerly and Tiverton–and was so taken by what he saw that he began taking a camera with him on his excursions, capturing the diversity of the landscape. Schulman even began following Ken Weber’s Weekend Walks in Rhode Island; 40 Trails for Hiking, Birding and Nature Viewing. 

One of his photographs that will be on display, called “Dutch Island Light, Narragansett Bay,” is a straight-on image of the lighthouse on Dutch Island. There are no flourishes, just a matter-of-fact capturing of a Rhode Island structure and place of interest. 

Though it didn’t occur to him to do so initially, 20 years ago, Schulman finally began exhibiting his photographs, first at his place of practice and then later at galleries. Until recently, however, he hadn’t been happy with the quality of prints he made after transitioning to digital and took a break from showing his work. 

But now, Schulman is back exhibiting his photographs, this time in North Kingstown. 

Schulman, who originally hailed from New York, said the extensive travel throughout Rhode Island has given him considerable knowledge of the state, adding that others should more frequently explore areas they don’t know so well. 

“I know the state pretty well,” Schulman said. “I want to encourage people to explore parts of the state they don’t know to appreciate how pretty it is. My genes are in New York, but I’m firmly entrenched and transplanted in Rhode Island. I know the place.”

And although he has no formal training, Schulman is a voracious lover of art, traveling and visiting museums and galleries throughout the world. However, with no ability to draw or paint, he remained an appreciator, rather than a practitioner. That is until he began showing his photographs.  

“I love looking at art,” Schulman said. “But I don’t have the ability to draw myself.”

The BankRI North Kingstown Gallery began showing “My Rhode Island: Photographs by Howard Schulman” on Dec. 5, and will continue to display the gallery through March 4. The branch is located at 1140 Ten Rod Rd. in North Kingstown. Hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/BankRhodeIsland.”

And to view more of Schulman’s photographs, visit his Instagram site my_rhode_island. 

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