North Kingstown native Haley Lattinville has been named the 2021 Rising Star by Providence Business News for her role with the Town as its Assistant Director of Personnel/Benefits & Payroll Administrator. 


NORTH KINGSTOWN — When North Kingstown native Haley Lattinville first began her career with the Town of North Kingstown about four and a half years ago, she did so working in a payroll position. 

Fast forward to 2021 and not only did she switch to a completely different role, but she has been named the 2021 Rising Star by Providence Business News for her role with the town as its Assistant Director of Personnel/Benefits and Payroll Administrator. 

Lattinville, a graduate of URI said she first began her career in accounting right out of college at an installation company. 

As a native resident of North Kingstown, when she found out about the opening with the town applying was a no brainer.

After working in payroll for about two years, she talked to her boss North Kingstown Finance Director James Lathrop about taking on more responsibilities.

She explained that she began to take on more responsibilities with benefits and employee engagement and quickly realized that human resources is something that she has a passion for. 

“I found a new love for human resources and wanted to pursue it further,” Lattinville said. 

According to Lattinville, human resources is becoming more and more important because of social differences and the way the world is changing. 

“Human resources is really becoming more prevalent,” she said. 

Once she realized that human resources was something she wanted to continue doing she said that she enrolled at Bryant University in their Human Resources Management Program where she was able to earn her certificate last May. 

That gave her enough credit hours and she was able to sit for the SHRM exam in January and she passed. 

Lattinville said that she was approached by Lathrop about nominating her for the award, and she said that she was okay with it. 

On Wednesday, Lathrop informed her that she had won the award and then two days later she got the official call from Providence Business News. 

“I was slightly shocked,” Lattinville said when describing her reaction to the news. 

She shouldn’t have been shocked though. 

“I put in a lot of hard work the last two years or so trying to grow my career with the town,” she said. 

During the pandemic, Lattinville has played a critical role for the town which includes staying up to date on all the COVID-19 state laws and policies especially in the beginning of the pandemic. 

“It took up a lot of time in the beginning because the laws came out and they were all brand new,” she said. 

Lattinville also explained that she was tasked with coming up with different policies from scratch and presenting them to the different department heads so they understood what their employees can and can’t do in regards to COVID. 

“I did enjoy learning new things,” she said. 

She also served as the point of contact person for municipal employees in regards to any COVID-19 issues. 

Lattinville explained that the town handled the COVID regulations well. 

“We never really had any issues with it,” she said. “I believe we handled it very well,”

She said that the employees of the town embraced the changes which helped. 

“I think our employees all adopted awesome and made everything work,” Lattinville said. 

North Kingstown Town Administrator Ralph Mollis said that the town has benefited from Lattinville making the position change. 

“North Kingstown has benefited greatly from Haley’s appointment last year to Assistant Director of Personnel/Benefits and Payroll Administrator. She works tirelessly tackling her multiple duties while also playing a critical role in providing ideas and solutions when it comes to human resources,” Mollis wrote in an email. “Most importantly, her role during the pandemic gave direction and structure to our policies and the challenges employees faced over this past year. This is truly a well-deserved recognition as Haley is a Rising Star.”

Lattinville said that winning the award gives her more confidence to continue forward with her career path. 

“It solidifies all the work that I’ve put in,” she said. “It definitely is a push forward to continue to do what I’m doing.”

Lattinville will be honored on April 29 with other winners as part of the Providence Business News’ annual C-Suite Awards program.

“I’m honored to have received the award and I’m very thankful for James Lathrop who nominated me for it,” she said. 

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