Boxes will allow residents to donate, swap books for free

Jace Alburquerque, Kinsley Alburquerque, James Masterson, Robyn Alburquerque of NKEF,  Dawn Masterson of NKEF, Mia Bucci, Madison Bucci and Michelle Bucci, inside scoop owner with a library box. 


NORTH KINGSTOWN — The North Kingstown Educational Foundation has started a new project to help the community.

After being approved by the North Kingstown Town Council during their recent meeting, the foundation will be installing library boxes throughout North Kingstown, with the permission of property owners. 

The idea of the boxes is for people to donate extra books  allowing people to go and get books in different parts of town. 

“The NKEF Library box is a place where community members can stop to ‘take a look and grab a book,’  Dawn Masterson, vice president of the North Kingstown educational foundation, said. “It’s a place where neighborhoods can enjoy and share their favorite stories.”

They explained that the boxes will have a variety of books at reading levels from preschool to adult and will be located in town parks and properties.  

“This project will allow any member of the community to stop by and grab a book or two and bring back another book or two to share. The NKEF hopes that this will encourage and enhance the love of reading in our community,” Masterson said. 

Masterson said that they are looking forward to being able to provide the boxes for the community. 

“We are very excited to be partnering with the Town of North Kingstown on installing North Kingstown Educational Foundation Library Boxes throughout the town,” she said. “We look forward to sharing the love of reading with the community.”

The first Library Box was installed at the Inside Scoop on March 20. 

She said that the box has been a huge success so far. 

“It’s been a huge hit,” Masterson said during the March 29 North Kingstown Town Council Meeting, saying that they already filled up the box twice at that point. 

“It has been received in a very positive way and the community is enjoying a sweet treat and a good book,” she added.

Masterson said that they will be continuing to put up more boxes in town.

She said that the next boxes that are expected to be put up once they get a memorandum of understanding signed will be put up at Yorktown Park and the NK Town Beach.  

The Foundation said that they are always looking for donations of gently used and good conditioned books. For those interested in helping with the project email

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