After announcing that municipal offices would be reopening to the public, North Kingstown Town Manager issued further guidance to residents. The statement, which was posted on the town's website and social media pages, reads:

"I hope this message finds you and your families safe and well as we continue to face the COVID Pandemic and make adjustments to our personal and professional lives as a result.  Our thoughts continue to go out to members of our community who have lost someone they care about due to COVID or have experienced hardships as a result of this Pandemic.

"We continue to do all we can in North Kingstown to move forward in reopening and provide the valuable services our residents have come to expect.  This could not take place without the hard work, dedication, vision and contributions from the employees of North Kingstown.  On behalf of a grateful community, I thank them.

"The Municipal Office Building at 100 Fairway Drive will now be open 8:30am – 4:30 p.m. Tuesday – Friday.  Monday(s) will continue to be “by appointment only”.  We encourage you to continue to utilize our virtual and online services whenever you are able to.  We also ask that visitors, and employees, refrain from visiting the Municipal Office Building if you are sick.

"There is a greeter stationed at the entrance of the Office Building.  Every visitor will be asked to sign-in and provide information and will then be given a visitor’s badge and direction to the office they are looking to visit.  Employees are also now wearing identification badges.  Visitors will be required to wear a mask as will all employees servicing the public.  If a visitor is unable to wear a mask, special arrangements will be made to insure he/she is able to be accommodated.  Everyone will be encouraged to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet or more from others.

"In addition to the reopening of our Municipal Office Building:

- We encourage any businesses who need our assistance in reopening under Phase III to contact us via our viewpoint application process or by calling or emailing us.

- Our Parks, Town Beach, Golf Course, Playgrounds, Community Center and Summer Camp Program are open.

- Our Senior Center is in weekly discussions with the R.I. Department of Elderly Affairs as we look to see what a phased-in opening of this important service will look like under COVID.  The Center continues to function as our Food Distribution Center.

- The Library continues to gradually open under a limited basis. I encourage you to visit their website for a list of their services.

- The Town’s Transfer Station is open and fully operational.

"North Kingstown continues to be at the forefront of pivoting from the closure required by the State due to COVID-19 to the reopening necessary for the economic survival of our business owners and the social & mental health benefits that all residents are deserving of with a reopening.  We can also be proud that it appears Rhode Island is on the forefront in addressing the challenges of the COVID Pandemic.  I hope these positive steps along with this information is helpful as we look forward to assisting you in any way possible during these challenging times."

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