After beginning the “If We Can, We Will” charitable campaign last year, the Granny Squibb Company announced on Monday that it was able to assist several organizations in achieving their philanthropic goals. 

According to Granny Squibb’s, the goal of the campaign was to help groups or individuals meet their charitable goals through creative, non-monetary means, including the donation of time and energy, making connections within the Rhode Island community and other creative assistance. 

Organizations that were helped through the “If We Can, We Will” campaign include Anchor Recovery, Rhode Island Original, Blackstone Academy Charter School, Coaast and Reading Across RI, among others. 

While several of the applicants’ programs have already been completed, the remaining programs are scheduled for completion later this year. 

The Granny Squibb Company offers premium organic iced teas, which are sold in grocery retailers throughout New England, including Dave’s Marketplace, Roch’s and Whole Foods. 

The history of the company dates back to the early 1930s, when Sally Squibb, in her Saunderstown home, brewed a special blend of black tea, fresh mint, juice from lemons and sugar. And when Sally’s granddaughter, Robin, realized the business opportunity of bringing her grandmother’s iced tea to market, she founded the Providence-based Granny Squibb Company in 2009.   

Since then, the company and its employees have made a concerted effort to lend a hand to Rhode Island communities, with “If We Can, We Will” being just the latest example. 

Kelley McShane, Managing Partner of The Granny Squibb Company, said that giving back has always been “at the heart of our company.” 

“We are proud that over the past several months we have been able to provide assistance in various ways to new organizations,” McShane said. “We only scratch the surface of the good being done in our great state and want to continue to help others that are giving back too.” 

Through “If We Can, We Will,” Granny Squibb’s assisted with several projects and philanthropic ventures.  

When Anchor Recovery threw a  Christmas party for their clients and their children last year, for instance, Granny Squibb’s was able to provide assistance through baking cookies, decorating, generating donations through a toy drive and contributing its signature organic tea. McShane also played the part of an elf for the event. 

The Anchor Recovery Community Center, which works to support and treat those with substance use disorder, saw over 250 people attend the event. 

“Our event was tremendously successful, due in part to dedicated partners, such as The Granny Squibb Company,” said Gary M. Saint Laurent, Anchor Recovery’s Community Engagement and Special Events Manager. “Granny Squibb’s collected toys in exchange for iced tea, made cookies based on the flavors of their delicious drinks and generously donated iced tea for everyone’s enjoyment.” 

“Now, every time I see a member drinking a Granny Squibb’s product, I feel a tremendous amount of pride, knowing what a caring, compassionate company it truly is,” Laurent added. 

And during the Help Portrait Providence–an event hosted by Rhode Island Original and others that allows families to participate in professional photoshoots for free–Granny Squibb’s was also able to connect a hair stylist to volunteer with the organization. Rhode Island Original is an apparel company. 

Terry Rajsombath, co-founder of Rhode Island Original, said that the organization was grateful for Granny Squibb’s help. 

“The event was a fantastic time filled with smiles, cheer and a warm holiday spirit,” Rajsombath said. “Many families were grateful for their photos and we’re grateful for Granny Squibb to have been a part of the event.” 

 Granny Squibb’s also helped Blackstone Academy Charter School with a mock interview fair, in which the junior class develops their interview and personal skills. During the fair, several Granny Squibb’s employees participated as interviewers. 

“The Granny Squibb’s team was instrumental to the success of our Junior Interview Fair at Blackstone Academy Charter School,” said Erin Malcolm, an English teacher and student advisor. 

“Their professional insight, positive attitude, and generosity of spirit helped keep judges happy and hydrated, as well as put students at ease.”

According to Malcolm, Granny Squibb’s team members interviewed 36 eleventh-grade students in small group settings, and provided them feedback on their professionalism, communication skills, and resumes. 

Furthermore, Granny Squibb’s also donated their iced tea to Coaast and Reading Across RI for the groups’ respective events. 

Coaast is a community-centered organization that highlights addiction as a family disease, while Reading Across RI is the state’s only One Book, One State program, which focuses on a single book selected to stimulate meaningful discussions.

Granny Squibb’s will continue to receive applications for the “If We Can, We Will” campaign on a rolling basis. Anyone interested in assistance for philanthropic goals can apply exclusively at by filling out the submission form. The team will then review applications and determine if and how they may be able to provide assistance. 

“Submission does not guarantee the company can assist, but as the campaign states, ‘If We Can, We Will,’” the company said in a press release. 

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