Interim principal Alison Palladino will take over position 

NORTH KINGSTOWN — Former Wickford Middle School Principal Brian Lally accepted a new position as the North Kingstown Human Resources Director during the March 9 North Kingstown School Committee meeting.

Following that appointment, Wickford Middle School Assistant Principal Alison Palladino was named interim principal for the remainder of the year.

During the April 13 meeting, the interim title became permanent when the school committee approved the recommendation to name her the next principal of Wickford Middle School. 

Superintendent Phil Auger, said that she was the top choice by the search committee. 

“We’re happy to have you,” he said about Palladino. 

In an email, Palladino expressed that she was happy to be chosen as the next principal of the school. 

“I feel so lucky to continue leading and learning in a place like Wickford. It is a great school already and I am so excited to see just how fabulous it can become in the future. We have big plans and things are really happening here. From celebrating our 3rd Annual Mental Health Awareness Week to winning grants to build and grow our community garden, Wickford is unstoppable! GO Wildcats,” she said. 

“I would like to thank the teachers, staff, students, central office and the community for this awesome opportunity,” she added. 

 Also during the meeting, Auger briefly discussed end of the year events — a topic that is on many people’s minds both in the district and across the state. 

He explained that there is new guidance in regards to end of the year events from the Rhode Island Department of Health and he said that they will continue to follow it. 

“I think the guidance is excellent,” he said. 

One thing that was brought up during the public comment period was the high school prom.

The concern that parents had was that students would show up to prom and be tested as they walked in and may not be able to attend possibly due to a false positive test.  

He clarified that they will allow students to be tested a few days before prom, so that in the case of a false positive test the student would be able to get another test done before the event. 

Auger also announced that currently they are expected to host graduation at the football field, and currently RIDOH guidelines would allow them to have up to 1,000 guests essentially meaning that each student could have two tickets each. However, he said that RIDOH is considering moving that up to 2,000 people depending on certain factors. 

Auger said he is excited that they will be able to have graduation. He noted that this would be the first time they had graduation on the football field since the early 2000s. 

The next North Kingstown School Committee meeting is slated for Tuesday, April 27 at 7 p.m.


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