RHODE ISLAND—Governor Gina Raimondo gave her thrice-weekly COVID-19 press conference today during which she announced that the state was preparing to enter Phase Three of the state’s reopening plan in July, which would see some sports teams able to resume their practices.

Today there were 6 new fatalities due to COVID-19, 73 new cases and a total of 104 people currently being hospitalized. 20 Patients are in the ICU and 16 are on a ventilator. 1,573 people have been discharged from the hospital.

“We’re in a good place in Rhode Island as it relates to the virus,” Raimondo said. “I’m asking you to stay informed. It’s the best way to keep yourself safe.”

“I want to have a really serious conversation with the state of Rhode Island,” Raimondo added, “I do see signs that we’re all getting complacent.”

Raimondo’s frustration with Rhode Islanders’ recent trend of skirting mask rules comes as seven states across the country are reporting all-time highs of COVID-19 cases. As of today, Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas are all experiencing daily records of new cases. The states in question also were not early adopters of mandated mask rules.

“Why am I saying this? This can change quickly,” Raimondo said. “I don’t want that to be us.”

The governor also highlighted that 11 of the 15 states where masks have been mandated, including Rhode Island, have seen a consistent decline in the number of new cases.

On a lighter note, the governor also announced that no-contact and limited-contact sports teams would be able to resume practice under Phase 3 of the reopening plan, which will likely extend from July to August. Though, such practices will require the team to be a stable group, meaning it must consist of the same players and coaches consistently.

Close contact sports such as basketball, football and soccer, are being discouraged, and teams are being asked to keep practices to drills.

“I’m asking you to be responsible, be creative and use your very best judgement to stay safe,” Raimondo said.

Raimondo also announced that seasons parking passes will no longer be sold at beaches, but must be acquired online at beachparkingri.com.

The governor also announced that Saturday will be the last day of testing at the Twin Rivers COVID testing site.

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