The following reports were taken from the South Kingstown Police Department. All persons named are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. .

Multiple Charges

On Nov. 5 at 3:31 a.m., police arrested Marc O. Perry, 46, of 6 Ranger Road, Westerly, on one felony charge of attempted breaking and entering and one charge or resisting legal arrest. The arrest occurred after Perry allegedly broke into a home on Yawgoo Pond Road. The homeowner was woken by the sound of shattering glass and when she called out “who’s there?” a man’s voice echoed her own question. Police discovered Perry lying on the homeowner’s lawn while taking witness statements. When police tried to place him in handcuff, Perry resisted. Police seized several items of evidence covered in Perry’s blood, including $160 in cash, a shard of broken glass and a rag found at the scene of the break-in.

On Nov. 4 at 1:27 a.m., police arrested Gregory J. Smyth, 39, of 210 Weathervane Road, Wakefield, on one charge of resisting legal arrest and one charge of simple assault. Police became suspicious of Smyth because he was allegedly sitting in a parked car outside CVS late at night and did not leave the vehicle to purchase anything inside. After running his plates, police also discovered Smyth had an existing bench warrant issued from the 3rd District Court out against him. Smyth struggled with police as they attempted to place him in handcuff and repeatedly asked officers to release him once they were secure so that he could fight them. He also told police to search his vehicle so they “would find Fentanyl and die.” Police found no such substances in Smyth’s car. While in custody, Smyth continued to be uncooperative and combative with police officers.

On Nov. 4 at 12:20 a.m., police arrested Howard A. McMahon, 62, of 22 Fones St., Coventry, on one charge of domestic cyberstalking and one charge of domestic disorderly conduct. 

On Nov. 3 at 5:15 a.m., police arrested Dominic H. Walmsley, 49, of 55 Meadowbrook Way, South Kingstown, on one charge of domestic simple assault and one charge of domestic disorderly conduct. Police arrested Walmsley after he allegedly choked his ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend told police she recently broke up with him and kicked him out of the apartment. When Walmsley returned that night, she told police they’d gotten into a verbal argument before he physically attacked her. A friend of Walmsley’s ex-girlfriend, who had been sleeping on the couch and was woken by the physical altercation, helped her fight him off. Walmsley denied the accusations made against him and said he’s been the one who was attacked. 

On Nov. 2 at 7:11 p.m., police arrested Ryan Manning, 31, of 78 Cherokee Road, Charlestown, on one charge of domestic simple assault, one charge or resisting arrest, one charge of domestic vandalism and one charge of domestic refusal to relinquish a telephone. When police responded to a domestic disturbance on Kingstown Road they allegedly found Manning laying facedown, naked in the gravel driveway. Police then carried Manning to the cruiser because he refused to cooperate and walk to the vehicle. Manning’s girlfriend told police he was upset after his grandmother’s funeral, going through fits of tears and laughter. While in the shower, she told police he ripped the showerhead off the wall and threw it. Manning reportedly became upset with her after blacking out and falling in the bathroom, and then shoved him when she tried to stop him from leaving. When she tried to call for help, Manning grabbed her phone and threw it at the wall. 

On Oct. 29 at 11:58 p.m., police arrested Kevin C. Swanson, 38, of 130 Legend Rock Road, South Kingstown, on one charge of driving under the influence, one charge of impersonating an officer and one charge of refusing to submit to a chemical test. The arrest was made after police pulled Swanson over on Main Street for alleged erratic driving. When police made contact with Swanson they observed multiple signs of impairment and a six-pack of Whalers on the floor of the front passenger side seat. Swanson told police he didn’t have his license with him but he was good friends of South Kingstown Police Chief Geaber. He accidentally provided police with his wife’s credit card before handing them a police badge that read “Town of Ashland Police MA.” He apologized for speeding and told officers he was a retired police officer. Swanson was taken into custody after performing poorly on a series of field sobriety tests. 

Purchase of Alcohol for a Minor

On Nov. 2 at 6:13 p.m., police arrested Burke W. Barsamian, 21, of 182 Brown Bear Road, South Kingstown, on one charge of purchasing alcohol for a minor. Police arrested Barsamian at his home where he was allegedly throwing a party and serving underage drinkers. Police found approximately 30 college-age students on the lawn, 60 more inside the kitchen and 150 in the basement. Police found five underage drinkers at the party, each 19 years old. When police for Barsamian in the garage he was fully cooperative. He told police he’s intended to only have 30-40 friends over, but things quickly got out of hand. 

Warrant of Arrest on Affidavit 

On Nov. 1 at 6:02 p.m., police brought Amanda L. Mulrath, 32, of South Kingstown, into custody an existing warrant of arrest on an affidavit. Mulrath was taken into custody after an officer on patrol ran her plate numbers. The active warrant out for her arrest comes from the Rhode Island State Police for alleged forgery and counterfeiting, giving a false document to an agent, employee or public official, and a false statement to fraudulently obtain license or registration. 

Diving After Suspension of License

On Oct. 31 at 8:22 a.m., police arrested Francisco Silva, 32, of 24 School House Road, Narragansett, on one charge of driving after the suspension of a license. The arrest was made after Silva was allegedly involved in a motor vehicle accident on Tower Hill Road. When police questioned Silva he told them the license was suspended due to “child support.” This is Silva’s third offense. 

Diving After Suspension of License on Certain Violations

On Oct. 30 at 5:15 p.m., police arrested Craig Patrick Bunker, 22, of 306 High St., Westerly, on one charge of driving after the suspension of a license on certain violations. The arrest was made after police pulled Bunker over on Route 1 for allegedly driving in a rainstorm without headlights on. When police ran his plates they discovered Bunker’s license had been suspended stemming from a Lincoln Police charge for refusing to submit to a chemical test. 

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