The Rhode Island Department of Health is reporting only 25 new COVID-19 positive cases today – though Gov. Raimondo stresses that everyone continue wearing masks in public and follow social distancing guidelines.

RHODE ISLAND – Gov. Gina Raimondo announced only 25 new positive cases of COVID-19 on Friday, though stressed the importance of continuing to follow guidelines.

"This could change very quickly, and we are foolish if we deny that," Raimondo said. "We are foolish to think that we're out of the woods, the crisis is over and we can go back to life as normal."

"If we stop following the rules, stop wearing our masks, stop washing our hands, staying home when we're sick – we're gonna be in trouble, just like that," she continued. "If you don't believe me, look what's happening in Texas and Arizona."

Thursday was a record high for new cases of cornoavirus in the United States, according to Raimondo. 

"I don't want that to be Rhode Island's story," she said. 

Despite Rhode Island being one of the most densely packed states in the country, there are currently 16,661 cases of COVID-19. Theses numbers are far behind states like New York and California, which have confirmed hundreds of thousands of cases.  

Unfortunately, Raimondo also announced 7 new COVID-19-related fatalities on Friday. So far, 927 Ocean State residents has passed away from the virus. 

Currently, there are 91 Rhode Islanders being treated in the hospital. Sixteen are in intensive care units and 15 are on ventilators. 

In addition to her urgings for community members to continue following guidelines, Raimondo and Rhode Island Department of Health Director Nicole Alexander-Scott are also encouraging parents to still have their children immunized. 

Although many parents have concerns taking their children to a pediatrician's office  for immunizations and checkups, doing so is still critically important, according to Alexander-Scott. When schools reopen in the fall, Raimondo said it could be more dangerous to bring them to back without vaccinations.  

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