Preliminary results favor a mix of endorsed, unendorsed candidates 

SOUTH KINGSTOWN – The results of in-person voting trickled in for more than an hour and a half last night. 

With so many mail and emergency ballots yet to be accounted for, it's still anyone's race. Results for those who showed up to the ballot box in person, however, bode well for a mix of endorsed and unendorsed candidates. 

Current South Kingstown Town Council President Abel Collins came out on top, according to the most up-to-date results from the Rhode Island Board of Elections, but unendorsed Democratic candidate Deborah Bergner trailed closely by a mere three votes. 

Following behind them were Councilman Rory McEntee, Councilwoman Deb Kelso and Jessica Rose. Currently, Edward Myszak has the least number of votes in the race for town council.

Current South Kingstown School Committee Chair Stephanie Canter is polling in last place, according to the most up-to-date results from the Rhode Island Board of Elections. 

Leading in the race for school committee is unendorsed candidate Melissa Boyd, who captured 984 in-person votes on Tuesday. She was closely followed by endorsed Democratic candidate Paula Whitford, current school committee member Michelle Brousseau and endorsed Democratic candidate Christie Fish. Coming in fifth was Cadence Hansen, those no results are official. 

The Rhode Island Board of Elections issued a statement Tuesday night that the state's Primary Election results were expected to be released "over the next several days."

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