NARRAGANSETT – The Narragansett Police Department (NPD) is investigating the death of a canine that was shot in the head and discovered wrapped in a garbage bag in Point Judith Pond. The Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) is offering a $500 reward to anyone who can identify the owner of the dog.

On May 29, a concerned citizen who regularly walks the pond area off of Knowlesway Ext. noticed a trash bag in the water approximately four feet offshore and nearby bloody cloth. After the person phoned police, NPD discovered the body of a male terrier dog about five to six years in age with a severe, systemic skin condition “that would be immediately recognizable to anyone that knew this dog.” NPD soon after put a post on social media calling on the public’s assistance to identify the dog and its owner, and later confirmed the canine had been shot in the head.

The public immediately showed outrage on the social media post, and worked with law enforcement in the hopes of identifying the pet or pinpointing its owner. Some wrote messages expressing grief for the pet and disdain for whoever was responsible for its death.

The investigation has yet to lead to an arrest. NPD Detective Brent Kuzman said the department has explored the typical avenues of identifying a pet or investigating a crime, but efforts so far have been unsuccessful.

“Unfortunately, there are no cameras in that exact area,” he said. “We are working with RISPCA, using social media to reach as many people as possible. We have contacted neighboring Animal Control Officers. This canine was not micro-chipped and we did not locate any outward signs of veterinary care (i.e. surgery). We hope somewhere there is a neighbor that remembers the dog and can lead us to the owner.”

According to Kuzman, if caught, the suspect could be charged with overwork, mistreatment or failure to feed animals, malicious injury to or killing of animals and a care of pets violation.

Due to the condition of the dog at the time of its death, no photos of the canine were released initially, though that could change soon, according to Kuzman.

“If we do not have a break in the case soon we will be releasing a photograph of the deceased dog in hopes someone will know the dog,” he said. “It is unsettling to see and we hope we can identify the owner without publicly releasing the photograph(s).”

Anyone with information about the dog described by police or its owner are asked to contact Kuzman at 401-789-1091 ext. 320. 

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