The Non-Profit World War II Foundation Launches Innovative Educational Website

Officers from the Navy Supply Corps School in Newport delivered a salvaged piece of the USS Arizona to the WWII Global Education Center in 2018. 

SOUTH KINGSTOWN-The non-profit World War II Foundation has launched its totally redesigned website to provide students, educators and the public with resources to teach and learn more about the personal stories of the World War II generation.

"Working with the outstanding design company BLN24 out of Tysons, Virginia and with feedback from students and educators across the country, we have designed a new website that is globally unique," said Tim Gray, President of the World War II Foundation and Filmmaker. "We are making all our 23 documentary films produced to date free. A 24th film narrated by actor Jon Seda, (HBO's The Pacific, NBC's Chicago P.D.) will soon be released. A 25th film, on the 75th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima narrated by Gary Sinise, is also in post-production. All WWII Foundation/Tim Gray Media films will continue to air globally via American Public Television and also be available via Amazon Prime.

"We have expanded our ability to interact with classrooms around the world. to educate and inspire students to learn more about history's greatest global conflict and the residual effects World War II still has today," Tim Gray said. "We have streamlined the process of learning because we understand educators don't have much time when it comes to teaching WWII in the classroom. I like to call the new site ‘one-stop shopping’ for both educators and those in their classroom," Gray continued.

"We will continue to add new films, streamlined WWII veteran and survivor interviews, lesson plans, and interactive features as we move along, as well as adding some really cool cutting-edge technology as we move into phase two of our website design," Gray said. The new website is fully compatible with all computers, smartphones and tablets. Videos can be watched on-demand, anywhere and at any time.

 The mission of the World War II Foundation is education. They accomplish this by producing award-winning films, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes and narrated by celebrities such as Gary Sinise, Liev Schreiber, Tom Selleck, Jon Seda, Jason Beghe, Kyle Chandler, Damian Lewis, Bill Belichick, Matthew Broderick, David McCallum, Dan Aykroyd, Tim McCarver and others.

The documentaries are donated and air nationally on American Public Television and globally on other networks in countries such as Great Britain, France, China, Australia, and other locations. The WWII Foundation has been recognized with American Public Television's prestigious National Programming Excellence Award for its film efforts.

"This is a ground-breaking website and will be continually upgraded as we move ahead," said Tim Gray. It combines our mission, including virtual visits to our new World War II Global Education Center, into one easy to use the portal. Everything is on this site that will help students and teachers get a great start on learning more about World War II.

The free access for the general public also fulfills our mission of educating the world about this incredible global conflict that changed the world forever," Gray said. “If you are interested in WWII, we feel this site is a great resource, easy to navigate, and full of information that is both visual and delivered in a format which is very appealing.”

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