Showcase Night

South Kingstown high School will hold its Showcase Night event this Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. Attendees will have the chance to tour the school and hear about its offerings. 


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SOUTH KINGSTOWN — South Kingstown High School will host its new and redesigned Showcase Event on Dec. 5, from 6 to 8 p.m., during which, the many benefits of the school, including the culture, range of academic opportunities, athletics and the social-emotional support from the teachers and staff, will be presented to the parents and the soon-to-be students from the seventh and eighth grades.

Though South Kingstown High School has held events like this before, the Showcase Event this year will be a combination of the two events that were run by the high school in previous years.

“In the past, we’ve run a Saturday open house, and a CTE, Career and Technical Education, Showcase Night. What we decided to do was combine it into one event,” said SKHS Principal Chip McGair.

McGair added that the purpose of turning those two events into one was primarily to bring together everyone that works on and presents both of those nights, and to allow them to share all of the information in one place.

“When a student comes here for CTE, even if they’re out of the district, we want them to know they have access to everything else: access to our athletics, our clubs, our activities, all the class electives and the many, many AP classes that we offer here,” said McGair.

Those that attend this year’s showcase of South Kingstown High School will not be disappointed by how much they learn about the school and its community. Parents and students will have a range of options to choose from once they arrive, including going to the library where the academics of the high school will be discussed; the cafeteria where clubs, extracurriculars, and athletics will be presented; touring the school to introduce the layout of the building, not only students but also parents, as well as some of the unique courses the school has to offer behind the classroom doors.

With this year being the first of the redesigned Showcase Event, a lot of planning and preparation was involved, and the whole school has come together, making the night a community effort. Many people volunteered, and McGair observed how this speaks highly of the school’s community, and demonstrates the mutual respect and admiration that exists between the whole school’s community.

In addition, McGair believes the students are the ones who will show the benefits of the school better than anyone else, through sharing their experiences with academics, athletics and the support from teachers and staff. Moreover, he thinks that for the seventh and eighth graders that attend the event, hearing the comments and feedback of the current students of the high school is important.

Those putting the event together, McGair said, are really excited to present the newly designed showcase of the high school, and are proud of how much support has gone into planning it and putting it together.

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