BŌL offers healthy bowls, smoothies made from whole, natural ingredients 

WAKEFIELD – After months of anticipation, Wakefield residents are finally able to dig into one of BŌL Owner Alix Tillett's beautiful superfood bowls. 

All made from rich, natural ingredients, these Açaí bowls range from an astonishing display of colors like indigo and gold, or fuchsia and midnight. These bowls not only look and taste good, Tillett said, but they'll make you feel good too.

"It's been my way of sharing with the world how you can heal through what you eat," Tillett said. "I'm so particular about how my bowls and smoothies come out, how the menus are designed and the colors. I just want it be a gift from me to you – because I feel like learning to heal yourself on your own, holistically, through what you eat is such a gift to people."

BŌL first opened its doors five years ago as a small hole-in-the-wall shop in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. Tillett said her artfully designed creations were born out of her own journey of healing from chronic lyme disease, during which she learned how food can shift the body's ability to move, think and feel.

She hopes to not only be a cafe where people come for coffee and smoothies, and but a meaningful place where people can come together and work towards holistic health.

"I want it to be more meaningful, because that's why I started this," Tillett said. "I didn't just want a coffee place. I want you to be greeted and loved, and feel good when you leave." 

The Wakefield location officially opened its doors on Friday, Nov. 8. 

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