The Narragansett Town Council recently unanimously approved a $25K security project at town hall. The upgrade will include the installation of both interior and exterior cameras for the facility. 

Scope of work includes interior, exterior cameras

NARRAGANSETT – In an effort to deter potential crime, including vandalism, and aid investigations into any such activity, the town hall is set to receive a $25,464 security upgrade from LAN-TEL Communications, Inc. The new system will include a total of eight security cameras, both interior and exterior, including one camera in the town hall assembly room and one at the town hall’s main entrance. 

“This project will add an external camera system to the already-existing access controls of Town Hall,” said Dan Holland, Narragansett Information Technology Manager. “This new system will cover all four exterior sides of Town Hall with an array of cameras. In addition, this system will include door cameras at all three front entrances of Town Hall and one camera for the assembly room where numerous Town and public meetings are held.”

The system will work with the town hall’s pre-existing DVR (digital video recorder) system, according to Holland. The recommendation for the additional security measures was backed by the town’s awarded vendor for security system design services, the North Smithfield-based Grist Security Consulting Inc., which toured the town hall’s exterior in October and recommended the new system as well as its placement. The quoted price, $25,464.33 includes equipment, installation, hardware, cabling and licensing. All work will be performed in compliance with recognized industry standards and best installation practices, in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and U.S Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, according to LAN-TEL.

The project is intended to provide a surveillance system for the town hall that will discourage vandalism and other criminal behavior, Holland said. 

“The intent of this project is to create a system of cameras that will deter crime and vandalism, as well as give those investigating any such incidents the ability to identify, with some certainty, those involved,” the town’s IT manager stated. 

The project will include four exterior AXIS cameras, two each at opposite diagonal corners of the building, viewing two sides of the structure. The scope of the work also includes four interior AXIS cameras, including one in the town hall’s assembly room on the wall behind town council members, one at the building’s left entrance, another at the main entrance and finally a fourth at the right entrance. Invoices for the project show interior cameras costing a total of $3,478 and exterior systems at $4,903. The billing also includes an approximate $1,837 charge for travel past Route 495. The contract and competitive bid was awarded under Massachusetts General Laws to LAN-TEL Communications, which holds the State of Massachusetts contract for security, surveillance and monitoring/access control systems. 

The new camera system was recently unanimously approved by the Narragansett Town Council.





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