What is your current job/occupation? How have your past life experiences and education prepared you for a role on the council?

I am a Licensed Active Real Estate Broker Associate with Residential Properties LTD.  My three terms on the Town Council have been a lifetime and I am well prepared to hit the ground running for the 2020-2022 term.

Why are you seeking public office? If you are an incumbent, what do you hope to achieve in the next term if elected? If you are a challenger, what do you see as the flaws of the current leadership and how would you do things differently?

It was not my intention to run for a fourth term but the 2018-2020 Town Council Session has wasted Town resources, staff time and only provided community descent and frustration. I need to be re-elected to make up the previous session and reset Town priorities and policies for our Town and the Community’s future.

Without elaborating, please state your top three priorities for the town if elected.

1) (agenda 1) Fully fund The Maury Loontjens Memorial Library Budget.  2) (agenda 2) Authorize to Issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for architectural/engineering services to refit the Belmont/IGA building site for the New Narragansett Pier Free Library.  3) (agenda 4) Restore Open Forum to the beginning of each meeting.

What can be done locally to assist residents stay healthy and businesses stay afloat through the COVID crisis? If elected, how would you specifically assist local businesses during this period?

Need to provide parking solutions in all areas of Town, patrons need to park… The State is sitting on monies provided by the Feds.  These monies need to assist local businesses until a viable vaccine is found and distributed.

Do you support continuing the William C. O'Neill Bike Path through Canonchet Farm to the town beach or would you seek an alternative route for the path to the beach if elected? If you support another route, what is it?

No, would end the bike path at the Indian Head and use the State’s $3 million (if still available) to beautify the path between Sprague Park and the Mumford School.

Do you support the town's recently passed three-college-student ordinance? Why or why not? If not, is there an alternative ordinance you favor? If elected, how would you specifically enforce any ordinance designed to reduce student behavior and/or open up the town to more families if you are in favor of such a law?

No, it is unenforceable.  Would combine the three-student and the four-unrelated in one four-student/four-unrelated ordinance which is more practical on many levels…Would change rental registration to $50.00 per Bedroom to provide additional funding.  Also, any Student Rental Ordinance must have cooperation with URI to be enforceable.

If elected, would you support Pier Liquors staying in its current location (whether by lease or purchase) or do you favor the entire town-owned Pier Marketplace property for the new public library project?

Yes (lease only), at no time during this whole debacle did I ever state that Pier Liquors had to relocate.  This was all gin up for political purposes.

The town recently enacted a rate hike in numerous categories, including admission and parking, at the town beach. Do you support the increases?

Somewhat, we need to get the final numbers from the 2020 beach season to ascertain the impact of Covid-19. Again, rammed through for political purposes…

Do you support existing public parking at CRMC-designated coastal access points across the town?

Yes, (agenda 6) the Conant/Pilgrim Avenues Parking Plan as presented on Nov. 19th, 2019 will be Agenda #6 in the first regular Town Council Meeting to be voted on up or down.

 Anything else?

 Yes! Please review my Agenda 10 Document.

1)     Fully Restore the Funding to the Maury Loontjens Memorial Library from the Town of Narragansett of $841,000.00 as done previously over the last several fiscal years.

 2)     Authorize the Town Staff to Issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for architectural/engineering services for the refit to the former Belmont/IGA building site for the New Narragansett Pier Free Library as directed by our Voters in the 2016 Bond and the upcoming 2020 voter initiative.

3)     Appoint a Library Building Committee to execute and oversee the Belmont/Library building refit/conversion process to meet the 21st century needs for all Narragansett Residents and Visitors in the most cost effective and energy efficient manner as possible.

4)     Restore Open Forum to the beginning of each Town Council Meeting… Allow discussion after each Agenda Item during Council Meetings and provide Open Forum at the end of each Council Meeting as needed to afford further input by all, in the spirit of our Town Charter.

5)    Combine the 3-student & 4-unrelated rental policies into a 4-Student/Unrelated Rental Policy to ease confusion and provide Town Officials guidelines for enforcement, penalties and fine schedules… This new ordinance is contingent upon URI Administrators and URI Student Body jointly committing to monitor and discipline off campus unruly behavior in cooperation with Town officials and Neighborhood Groups…

6)     Add Public Parking Spaces by amending the Town Parking Ordinance in the neighborhood at or around the waterfront public access points at the end of Conant and Pilgrim Avenues as presented by the Town Manager in the Nov. 18th, 2019 public parking workshop.

 7)     Hazard Avenue:  Instruct the DPW & Police Chief to review the Hazard Road Parking location in an effort to provide additional parking and utilize the Town’s R.O.W. as needed and to create a Safer Public Access to our coastline while respecting both property and riparian rights.

8)     Boon Street Special District:  First reading to amend Chapter 731 of the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Narragansett, Rhode Island entitled “Zoning” to add a new section 4.8.4: Boon Street Special District… This would effort to streamline mixed use development…

9)     Re-create the Economic Development Committee (E.D.C.) and provide guidance to their mission and function in cooperation with the local businesses and the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce. 

10)  Water Quality:  Create a three-member committee to explore water quality and current storage issues. The committee's function would be to seek alternatives to add to our water supply under current regulations through conventional and unconventional methods of water management for future generations.

Candidates for Narragansett Town Council will be profiled in the order of Primary Election results, beginning with first place and ending with tenth place. Candidates were asked to limit responses to 1,000 words.  

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