Our local surf team from Narragansett and Westerly traveled to the 2023 Eastern Surfing Association Northeast Regional Championships this past weekend, representing the New England District. The contest was held in Ocean City, Maryland in 2–3-foot surf. The event included ESA surfers from Maine to Maryland and the Great Lakes.

There were several outstanding performances in the unpredictable shore break at the 36th Street location. Ron Belanger of Westerly handled the sketchy surf with some solid power moves, taking 2nd place in the Legends Shortboard, 2nd place in the Legends Longboard, 6th in the Open Longboard, and winning the Ironman award for the contest.

Our men’s team took 3 of the 5 spots in the final in the shortboard division, which is the best showing ever for the New England District. Colin Walker took 2nd, Jamie Kelley 3rd, and Scott McKenzie 5th. Kelley also switch-footed his way to a 2nd place in the Men’s Longboard Final.

Our sole female competitor from the district, Aria DiLiberto pulled off some nice cutbacks to take 2nd in the Women’s Shortboard, and nose rode her way to a 2nd in the Women’s Longboard contest.

In the Grand Legends division, Peter Pan finished 2nd in the Longboard and 3rd in the Shortboard finals.

All competitors were invited to compete in the ESA East Coast Championships Finals, to be held in September at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The next area contest takes place on June 11, at Nantasket Beach, in Massachusetts. This annual event is the New England Longboard Classic, which features only longboard and SUP divisions, and is a rated ESA event.

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