To the Editor:

I read the so-called letter from John Cervone in the May 23 issue of the Standard Times, although I prefer to call it a screed. ‘Paranoid, psychotic, liberal zealots,’ ‘fanatics, antagonistic, aggressive,’ They are stupid, they are weaklings, according to Mr. Cervone. I would like to ask him if he considers that kind of language anything other than a verbal attack. Poor Mr. Cervone obviously feels his verbal attacks are permissible, indeed desirable. He may justify that language to himself, but I doubt very many people on either side of the political spectrum would judge his language as kind. He accuses liberals of poor driving and being abusive to athletic coaches. I guess Mr. Cervone is one of those rare people with ESP, just knowing the political affiliations of those who irk him. I suggest Mr. Cervone listens to the occupant of the White House, who has been demonstrably verbally abusive time after time. I’d think that he would be the first person Mr. Cervone would chide for his vile insults.

Judi Zimmer

East Greenwich

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