To the Editor:


Now that we are on to the general election, it is time to take an even closer look at the candidates.

Without the mail in ballots counted, there are now four candidates that are suing the town.

Ms. Buonanno and Ms. Kelly have teamed up with Gilbane to sue the town over the location of the library.

 Mr. Robenhymer’s family owns Ann O’Brien realty and he is a board member of Narragansett 2100.  Narragansett 2100 is named as a plaintiff

In case number WC2020-0353, filed on 9/1/2020 against the town seeking to invalidate the “No more than three college students ordinance”

Bot seem like  conflict of interest.

 How do you take a seat on the council when you are suing the town at the same time?


Paul Zonfrillo


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