To the Editor:

Several years ago I served on the  Narragansett AD Hoc Committee regarding  URI Student Rentals. After the riot in 2014 the late Pam Nolan, Narragansett Town Manager at that time, wanted a committee to look into ways to stem URI student behavior and tasked the AD Hoc Committee to study the problem and come up with recommendations to the Town Council. The AD Hoc Committee members were appointed by the Town Council from different sections of town such as Bonnet Shores and Eastward Look. 

The AD Hoc Committee deliberated for approximately 18 months. Workshops were held in public forum as well as open hearings. We looked at other college towns in RI and other states such as Connecticut. We came to a consensus that limiting the number of unrelated tenants to 4 was fair and balanced. The Town Council agreed and passed the recommendation. Unfortunately, Judge Cubellis sided with Judge Fortunato’s  earlier decision claiming the ordinance was unconstitutional. RI Supreme Court this year ruled towns can decide the number of unrelated tenants to a single family dwelling. 

The 4 unrelated ordinance is in force now. I see no reason to change it. Lets move on. 

Joe Soja


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The RI Supreme Court ruled that Judge Fortunato's Decision did not consider a relevant US Supreme Ct. and his Decision was essentially over-turnedcwhen the RI Supreme Ct. ruled that Prov's 3 Student Ordinance is Constutional.

Narragansett's 3 Student Ordinance will likewise be Constitutional .

Go down the 4 Unrelated rabbit hole again ? This is the rental owners wish. Go from there.

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