To the Editor:

I read your Letters to the Editor that still praise Mr. Trump and I wonder-have these people even watched the news in the last four years? (No, not Fox news where Trump is painted golden in every situation, but normal news.)  You saw the “landslide” of votes for Mr. Biden-there’s a reason for that!  He is a good man with a heart and a conscience, not to mention a “plan” to rebuild our country.  Many people came out to vote to “vote out” Trump, this is true.  And yes it is unfortunate that Mr. Biden is 78.  But instead of predictions let’s see what a well thought out cabinet and a good President can do in the near future, people that are experienced and qualified for the job (for a change.)

Mr. Trump was and is a gameshow host and a salesman, and it’s obvious that he is good at that.  He sold his “persona” to the American people.  A lot of what he says isn’t fact checked and there is a very lengthy list of his lies, on a daily basis.  Yes, there will be some accomplishments you can mention since Mr. Trump has stacks of daily papers to be signed that his team puts in front of him.  But did he initiate any of them?  (I’m talking about the beneficial ones.)  Those accomplishments don’t stand up to all the havoc wreaked on our country in this last term. The man is obsessed with TV any cost.  (He bragged that the Corona Virus Task Force meetings had great ratings, while the virus itself was secondary.  He even stopped the meetings because Dr. Fauci got higher approval ratings.  His ego has no boundaries or moral compass.

And I’m sure everyone is aware of how difficult this transition to Mr. Biden’s term has become.  In his final hour Mr. Trump is pardoning criminals and family members. Plus he was considering a coup to use the military to rerun the election!  (Fact:  Mr. Biden’s son is not guilty of anything and the election was not fraudulent.)  It’s not fair to Mr. Trump’s supporters to hear these constant baseless lies.)    Not to mention a President doesn’t get impeached without valid proof.  Mr. Trump had very serious allegations against him-like abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  He was acquitted by the US Senate because their majority is Republicans.  These people are going along with anything Mr. Trump does or says for job security.  (You’ll notice now a few of them have now stepped down, despite Mr. Trump’s wrath!)  All those people fired in the beginning of Mr. Trump’s term (and since) have not “pleased” this “Emperor in his new clothes!”  So at least they still have their dignity while the rest will go down in history for selling out to a man who is unstable, incompetent and self serving.  Even now his followers are financing his voting fraud schemes with their donations. Our great country has shown that the voting process is trustworthy and accurate in spite of an oppositional president and an ongoing worldwide pandemic

Everyone has their say and their predictions about what “may” happen in this next term.  One thing is for sure, it’ll be a sane “ride”, not like this last rocky, drama ridden, daily craziness of a ride with this last president! So sit back and relax and let’s see what happens, because now at least we can!

Corinne Adams


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