To the Editor: 

The North Kingstown Groundwater Committee and Subcommittee for Pollinator-friendly Strategies is hosting an event at the North Kingstown Free Library on June 15, from 10:00am to noon, entitled Bumblebees, Butterflies and Us, for environmentally-concerned elementary and middle school children accompanied by an adult. The event will feature a round table discussion with the children, led by Tim Cranston, to try to come up with strategies to make North Kingstown more aware of the threat of the drop in worldwide pollinator numbers and its consequences to our food supply, and make North Kingstown more pollinator-friendly. Also on the agenda:   a tutorial to show kids how to make Mason bee houses that can be placed in their yards, Adopt a Spot bags for the kids to take home to create a pollinator welcoming place on their lawns, a scavenger hunt in the Library’s newly installed rain garden to demonstrate pollinator reliance on us and what we choose to grow. A representative from the RI Beekeepers Association will discuss current challenges in raising honey bees some of which impact all pollinators, and the URI Groundwater model will be demonstrated to show how clean water helps all species, not just humans. The North Kingstown Girl Scouts will be doing face painting and hosting pollinator activities. 

This event is free and open to the public and is one of a series hosted by the NK Groundwater  Committee and Subcommittee to raise awareness about the growing peril to more than a third of our most nutritious food. Thank you.

Harriet Powell, 

NK Groundwater Subcommittee

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