To the Editor:

From the time the Love Your Library signs were distributed in Narragansett many months ago, they started to disappear. Of late, the sheer volume of vandalism has been very disturbing to many Narragansett residents. The Bonnet Shores District appears to be a particular target for the vandals. This past Saturday night many Love Your Library signs and Save Our Library signs have been stolen from Colonel John Gardner Road in Bonnet Shores. Although this has been an ongoing phenomenon in Bonnet shores—I’ve had to notify the Narragansett Police several times for signs stolen from my property—of late the volume of theft and destruction seems to have picked up. 

All of this begs the question: “What kind of individual will steal signs under the cloak of nighttime?” Not only does it reflect horribly on the individual, it reflects equally as poorly on their parents who have brought them up. Were they raised to think that base meanness and theft is acceptable? Maybe it’s time for these scofflaws and ne’re -do -wells to give a thought to what they are implicitly stating about their parentage. If after thinking about it, they still go on with their petty theft and meanness, so be it. The statement is then made by them about their parents.

There are many positive ways by which the minority who don’t want a new library can express their opinion. One of which is to bring their anti-library complaints  to the Town Council and voice them during open forum, giving their names and addresses before they speak, as we all have to do. This would be the adult way to handle the situation and it wouldn’t reflect poorly on them or their parentage. Alternatively, they can vote in the November election against a new library. 

During the horrible trauma that our country is going through with COVID-19, wouldn’t this be a good time to do something positive and helpful for the community? Or, alternatively, wouldn’t it be a good time to cease and desist from committing illegal and mean-spirited petty thievery? Think about it.

Ted di Stefano


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