To the Editor:

85 million dollars does not begin to tell the story as to the cost of these bonds. If you live in South Kingstown, you already know they are holding the line on a property tax increase if the this incomplete bond is approved. The 95+ million total bond cost is for a number of incomplete projects that may or may not be completed in some of our citizen’s lifetimes and SKHS graduates that choose to remain here post college and university and tech/trade school as well. An example of an incomplete project is making Curtis Corner Middle School,a grand entrance to a “new” High School while the rest of the building is scarcely addressed. So what is being presented is a grand entrance to a substandard building. It has been alleged that the “useful life of project is 30 years” on all three parts of this bond. What has not been addressed are the cost overruns (and possible”cut corners” in the construction phases) of these projects. The other items not being addressed are 20 year decline in elementary and middle school enrollment. Why are we not repurposing some of these facilities i.e. South Road School?The current High School can be renovated at a lower cost and the athletic fields

and disc golf course can be saved.

While we have a new and wasteful administration in Washington who loves to print new cash everyday, we cannot emulate their wasteful spending and cost overruns here in South Kingstown.

Our school population is declining and our adult population isn’t getting any younger.

Some of the adult population doesn’t live here permanently so that tax base is leaving as well.

We do not need to raise our taxes here for incomplete cost overrun projects in our shrinking School System.

If you have already voted NO, thank you. If you have not yet voted, VOTE NO EITHER BY MAIL, AT TOWN HALL OR AT ANY OF THREE POLLING STATIONS ON MAY 4th.

Thank you for reading this letter and again PLEASE VOTE NO.

Kenneth E. Woods


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