To the Editor:                                                                                     


Have you seen those postcards and letters asking you to Stop the Plan?  As with most conspiracy theories, they are filled with half-truths, misrepresentations and wrong “facts,” to create a high level of fear, uncertainty and doubt.  Each of the reasons given to justify stopping the plan are patently erroneous.  

 When they say the plan will alter Curtis Corner Park, they are creating fear – the fact is that it will not.   The move to Curtis Corner will create a campus environment for the high school, which is now lacking, and it will not diminish Curtis Park nor reduce its level of access by the community. IN FACT, the School Plan offered by the School Committee also saves the park from future potential development.  An improved public space at Curtis Corner is a goal of the plan.

 In addition, the primary reason to move the High School location to Curtis Corner, is that the old Columbia St. building can’t be salvaged for a retrofit – so saving the high school doesn’t hold water.  Creating fear serves to stop the action for another, undefined, set of years while our students suffer and our enrollment bleeds to better planned school districts.  

 Naysayers say the plan is redundant and wasteful because of the proposed additions to Broad Rock MS.  Again – not true.  This attempt to create uncertainty neglects to acknowledge the forward thinking of providing Broad Rock the means to become a more contemporary, useful middle school, within budget.

Naysayers say the plan is incomplete because not all of the classrooms at Curtis Corner will be renovated.  Although not everything on our wishlist will be possible in this round of improvements, their claim is purposely misleading, to create doubt.  When you need to redo your kitchen – but you don’t have enough money to also redo the bathroom -- do you then decide to do nothing?  Of course not – you do what you can.  You prioritize.  

 The naysayers are going to great lengths to convince us that this plan is not sound and endangers the future of our town.  Instead of succumbing to this unfortunate onslaught of fear, uncertainty and doubt, which could doom us to many years of continued deficiencies and lost educational opportunities, let’s come together as a community to voice our support for this plan that is creative, equitable, and vital.  Please vote on May 4th in favor of the School Facilities Plan.


Marc J. Ladin

West Kingston

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Admittedly, I don't know any of the details of this plan.

"Can't be salvaged for a retrofit," however, is a familiar refrain.

Anyone else ever get tired of that "can't be done" talk?

Do want everything to be built from the ground up with cheesy materials at outrageous prices?

Oops! The town is broke. Ever hear that before?

Of course you did. Fourteen or fifteen years ago--is not a glacial age.[ohmy][yawn][innocent][wink]

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