To the Editor:

 I am best known in Hopkinton as the town council vice president. But I also chair the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee. So taking an interest in the GOP is an important role I have. By virtue of being of town chair, I am automatically a member of the Rhode Island Republican State Central Committee.

 To inform the public,  those of you who wish to run in the Rhode Island Presidential Preference Primary on April 28, 2020; as a delegate candidate, they should be contacting the candidate of their choice now.

Delegate candidates need to be approved by presidential campaigns, to appear as a candidate for a specific candidate. My own name, I have been informed, is being vetted as a Trump delegate candidate.  I have run eight times as a delegate in presidential primaries on the Republican side.  Which is every presidential election year since 1992, except 2016.

 Delegate candidates filing has a “short window” for filing. I suspect, if it was litigated, the short window would be thrown out by a court! Declaration of delegate candidates, along with a pledge of support for a specific candidate form, only have a two day filing period, February 26, and 27, 2020;. To further complicate things, all nomination  papers, which become available on February 27, have to be returned the following Tuesday, March 3, 2020; with 150 valid signatures. Nomination papers can be used for only one municipality too! 

This type of timeline restriction, clearly discourages public participation! On the GOP side, we  will be working as a team, qualifying the Trump delegate candidates.  So qualifying delegate candidates, for the ballot, will not be daunting, as it appears.

This type of teamwork is not new, to the GOP in Rhode Island.

  In closing, whomever you support, check with the campaign of your choice of presidential candidate, and check out the elections division, of the web site of the Rhode Island Secretary of State. Those interested in the process can contact me at (401) 360-4603; or (401) 529-3240; as well as

Those who want to run as a Trump delegate candidate, one option is leave a private message on the Rhode Island

 Trump Pence page on Facebook; possibly through the regular Trump campaign national web site; or otherwise contact me directly for assistance.

Scott Bill Hirst


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