To the Editor:

 The front page Projo , Feb. 7, to quote Yogi Berra , “ It’s deja vu all over again!”                    RI’s two latest fairy tales :  Jack and Gina went up the hill and the Misadventures of “ Creepy “ Chiefy and Bob “ whoopee “ Goldberg .  You can’t make this stuff up .  Do the words arrogance , shameless,  entitlement , and deep state come to mind ?                                        Jack Revens, first elected to the RI House in  1968  as a senior at PC at the age of 21, 53 years ago, is RI’s answer to Joe Biden .  Now old Jack , as in good old boy , gets tabbed by Gina , see you later alligator, to fill  the soon-to-be-open PUC Commissioner’s seat .  Whatever that is?

Hey, Jack is only 74 and can probably use the $139,000 stipend for a very, very  part-time gig .  Who couldn’t ??  After all, social security isn’t what it use to be. Jack being the humble guy that he is was shocked , not even knowing that the seat was open, but being a stand-up guy Jack is still more than willing to take another bite of the state’s apple as a senior citizen .  Gina, please don’t let the truck toll gantry hit you in the fanny on you way out of RI .  You are living proof that a single degree in common sense is worth more than 3 degrees from Yale , Harvard , and Oxford . Fairy Tale 2 , the judicial twosome of Frank and Bob who created a new form of RI mediation that excludes the plaintiff.  Who needs that 3rd party involvement , this is RI.  Sounds fair to me , kind of a Kangaroo Mediation. Where is Charlie Hall when you need him ?                                                                              

Dave Zartarian


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