To the Editor:

In the November 20th issue of the Narragansett Times there is a front-page story entitled “Save Our Library campaign raises $460K in 7 weeks.” This alone should show library detractors that Narragansett residents are most serious about a new library in the former IGA/Belmont building. It should also be more than ample evidence to the minority who are concerned that a new library will have a serious impact on our property taxes. 

Sadly, the town council president Matthew Mannix and his two followers, Rick Lima and Jill Lawler, have been trying to undo what more than two-thirds of those voting in the last election have voted for—a new library. I have heard much tomfoolery by this group such as “there is a silent majority” who don’t want a new library. I even read in the Narragansett Times that the town solicitor, Andrew Berg, said in his attempt to void a temporary restraining order (TRO) by the library, that if library supporters have their way in saving their 10-year effort for a new library it “…would mean that a small, vocal minority could interrupt town operations via the courts.”

Well, I guess our town solicitor caught the council tomfoolery bug when he speaks about a “…small, vocal minority…” This is the height of foolishness since we all know that over two-thirds of the voters in the last election voted for a new library. There seems to be an Orwellian bug that has struck Mannix and his supporters, Lima and Lawler and seems to have spread to our town solicitor. Continually repeating an untruth does not make it true. It just brings embarrassment to the person who speaks such foolishness. There is no silent majority. There is the real majority who voted for a library in the last election. And there certainly is a “vocal minority.” And, that is the minority who voted against a new library in the last election.

Finally, I recently read the court filing by the Mannix group on behalf of our town trying to get the library TRO voided by the court. In it I was stunned to read the following: “…the Town is unaware of any authority, in Rhode Island or elsewhere, that the Town Council has a fiduciary duty to the taxpayers that is enforceable in court.” The town council has no fiduciary duty to us taxpayers?! To whom then does the council owe its loyalty and trust? I’ll leave it to the voters at the next election to vote for a council which owes its loyalty and trust to us taxpayers!

Ted di Stefano



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