To the Editor:

OK, we finally have an “adult” in the room.  President Biden has accomplished a lot in his first 100 days.  Say what you want but he has shown empathy for those lost to Covid, vaccines are being distributed to millions, and financial relief is available for all US citizens.  His team is also getting the Mexican families back together (not an easy process since the last administration left no info for whom these children belonged to.)  Biden also zoomed the Mexican President and they spoke about working together.  Good things are happening.

We’d all like to sit back and take a deep breath but then there was the CPAC convention.  Mr. Trump was there and is STILL spewing out “The Big Lie” along with his republican followers. How is this possible?  He didn’t win the election yet he is saying “I may go for a 3rd win!”  What 3rd win?  There was no 2nd win!  Why is this allowed?  Especially from a past president.  It’s not presidential behavior.  In fact it’s something a dictator or a cult leader would do.

Also at the CPAC gathering the people there booed the poor girl who asked them to please wear a mask.  (Really?Grow up!)  Then the CEO of Goya got up and said Trump is the real winner of this last election (remember when Mr. Trump held up the Goya can of beans-a nice free plug?)  Only if you’re sick of hearing this lie over and over then boycott Goya, because this is nonsense.  Then Mr. Trump came out and said Biden’s border moves were illegal and immoral.  You know what’s immoral?  Separating families at the border, mothers from children, and putting them in compounds for four years!  Then losing the paperwork so they can’t be reunited.  Mr. Trump also added that our electoral process was “sick”.  Obviously it was to him because he lost and refuses to admit it.

However, you might want to pay attention to what is going on right now in our country.  Expansive state voting bills are being introduced. 704 bills in 43 states.  The Democrats are trying to make voting easier.  The Republicans are trying to make it harder for voters.  These voting restrictions are going to effect and hurt the minorities, students and the poor.  Trump’s republicans are out there doing his groundwork.  There won’t be a need to claim voter fraud next time if the restrictions make it so certain conditions allow votes to be thrown out, mail in votes will have extra rules to follow, and the state’s board of electors can make the final decision-who won.  What’s the point of voting if our votes don’t matter.  This last election showed just how secure the mail in ballot is so this is all very unnecessary.  Yet here we are watching these bills pile up  

The Republicans ran things in the past few years and it appears they are not happy now that the Democrats are in the driving seat. But both sides need to do what is right for our country and our people and quit this ridiculous power play.  So it appears we still have our work cut out for us. 

Corinne Adams


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1. Trump is the reason those vaccines were available to begin with, it’s not Biden’s crown for this. Also the vaccines would have been distributed but bigpharma held out on finishing them until 3 days after the election. Imagine that.

2. Financial aide was also distributed while trump was in office, if you remember correctly the democrats were trying to put garbage in the terms, so obviously being it’s a two party system one party was trying to protect our future.

3. As for illegals they are just that...... we can not just walk into another country and call it home, just like we can’t just walk onto a military base or the back of a police station without being welcome. There is no difference.

Honestly can’t expect anything more then lies from fake news like you, all you do is push a agenda, and not the actual truth. I have a question for the editor though.

1. How do you sleep at night pushing Blatant lies about in administration that can no longer defend itself?

2. How can you continue with these lies knowing that you’re manipulating innocent peoples lives with this drama, why don’t you take your time to do real journalistic work, and post the real news and not the bs that you continue posting!

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