To the Editor:

 If you are  Narragansett resident and whether you are for the new Library or not is not the issue you should be pondering. 

The bigger concern is about the failure of democracy in our town government; the blatant disregard for the will of the voters by the Town Council Three who appear to be conjuring rules out of thin air. 

The voters in 2016 voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new library but a building and parking lot  bought specifically for that purpose is now up for sale with no regard for the voters’ voice. Apparently it is not advertised nor listed but it is for sale according to banter during the Council Meeting. A worry for the best competitive price being obtained ? A concern for a closed door crony deal? You decide.

I am a Narragansett resident, voter and tax payer. Right now It is as a tax payer that my outrage is focused as should yours if you live in Narragansett. 

This Town Council Three …. Mannix, Lawler and Lema are blatantly reckless with other people’s money. Observers at Town Council Meetings should see between the lines.

I watched as a empty building bought for the new Library was mysteriously locked from that use costing the town people close to  $6000.00 a month while it remains empty which was its fate for years but WE now own it. As you pass by the Belmont building remember to enjoy it even though you are locked out because you are paying. Why not sell the “old unsuitable” Library building as it has peaked interest for other purposes. 

 I watched as 43% of the total cost for a new Library in Grant money being refused because THEY do not want a new Library.

 I watched as millions of dollars from Legacy donors and those wanting to write checks ignored and in one instance actually insulted! 

I watched as $181,000 was turned down from State Funds which the library receives every year if funded properly by the town. They chose not to fund.

I see a confederacy of dunces recklessly spending our Narragansett tax dollars ….. intent on fixing the unfixable, a Library building that was built when the town was made up of about 3000 residents, It now has over 16,000. 10,000 visitors use that library each month, it is the sixth busiest Liberty in our State! 

Architects over the years have not been able to come up with a feasible plan to modify it for present needs. The library building has been open for years only by waivers as it does not meet the criteria for a public building. For ten years a solution was investigated and finally a good plan was in place; professional support and generous funds offered. A large building, long empty, in town center would be put to much needed community use. 

But the Town Council Three have their own vision.

Lawler is saying add two floors and it will be fine! This with YOUR Tax payer money, no grants or big donors, they have all left the old building, monies were only for a new Library. Apparently she has more expertise than several architects! 

Lema is still struggling with the fact that years ago the contractor

 “ made a mess of the town center”.

Who was on That Town Council? I am sure the developer did not come in swinging a hammer without permits. This is to be considered a valid well thought out excuse to not have a new Library? 

Mannix is ”worried about the town budget” …… apparently a calculator handicapped person is he as he is ignoring the fact that much of the new Library cost is coming donated from outside the town coffers!

Side Question …how many dozens of new building permits for million dollar homes have been issued since the 2016 vote? Total the new added tax revenue coming in to this affluent town!

 The Town Council Meetings are on tape so grab some popcorn and see all of the above and much more with your own eyes and ears.

Fellow residents it is well past the time for you to start questioning where and how your tax dollar is spent! Open your eyes and see exactly where your hard earned tax payments go and the judgment used in spending it, but MOST importantly look at the free multimillions they just casually tossed away ……..Outrageous! 

Lillian Larkin


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