To the Editor:

Why are the Democrats so angry? They won the election in November. They defeated a president they dispised. 

Yet, they will not let him fade from memory. Instead, they –lead by a nasty, vindicative Speaker of the House and her minions like our congressman David Ciciline and a compliant press continue to kick a dead horse. In so doing Donald J. Trump is being kept in the public eye and the impeachment trial in the Senate gives him a “bully pulpit” again.

Two weeks ago this newspaper printed my letter in which I hoped and prayed that the Biden-Harris administration would reunite the country. I recall seeing blue and white yard signs during election season that read “Biden –Harris Unite”.  Please tell me how conducting a one-day hearing in the House of Representatives without witnesses or lawyers for the defense present leading to a single Article of Impeachment is unifying the country especially since Trump only had a week left in office. 

Newly minted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who holds that title because the vice president is a Democrat, proclaimed that the Senate will hold a trial beginning on February 8th.  This is all political theater because only five nominally Republican senators joined Democrats in moving toward a trial. It takes a two-thirds majority to convict Donald Trump which means 12 of the remaining 45 Republicans would have to jump ship –extremely unlikely. 

“To impeach” means to remove from office. Chief Justice John Roberts, who the Constitution says shall preside over a trial in the Senate, has declined because there is no precedent for impeaching someone who is no longer in office and is now a private citizen. Instead, Vermont Senator Pat Leahy who frequently criticized President Trump will preside. Talk about a kangaroo court.

During the campaign then-candidate Joe Biden told a friendly interviewer that issuing executive orders by a president was like a king handing down edicts.  President Biden has broken all his predecessors’records by issuing 40 orders during his first two weeks sin office.  

Several of these orders deal with “racial equity” – not, mind you, “equality” which is a different concept. Our country was built on the concept of equality under the law which means each of us has an equal opportunity to succeed or fail. Racial equity means the government will give to citizens based on skin color something it takes away from other citizens.  These privileges include a guaranteed income, free housing and health care all paid for by –whom?

This is another way of achieving reparations for  chattel slavery which ended in this country over 150 years ago. True, the Southern bloc of states led by Democrats continued the vestiges of slavery for another hundred years until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which passed because the Republicans in Congress voted for it thereby allowing Democrat President Lyndon Johnson to sign it into law.

How do any of the actions taken by a Democrat-controlled Congress and White House contribute to national unity?

Richard J. August

North Kingstown

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