To the Editor:

A recent headline in the January 23, 2020 edition of the Providence Journal titled, “RI to pull pension funds from gun makers, private prisons,” by Katherine Gregg reports that General Treasurer Seth Magaziner plans to stop any residual investments the state has in gun makers, and specifically those that manufacture “assault-style weapons for civilian use.” In the same edition on page A6 a headline titled ”Bills would expand insurance coverage for abortion” by Providence Journal reporter Patrick Anderson, tells us how an advocacy group is pushing legislation to provide state money to pay the costs for state employees’ health insurance and Medicaid.

The two columns are a curious contradiction. On one hand, General Treasurer Seth Magaziner doesn’t want state funds invested in gun manufacturers that manufacture guns, specifically assault weapons, that are used in mass shootings that kill innocent people. On the other hand, others are lobbying for state money to pay for insurance to cover the cost of abortions that takes the life of an unborn baby. In some circumstances an abortion may go further then that. Rhode Island’s latest abortion law, under certain circumstances, permits abortions up to and including 40 weeks of pregnancy, with a doctor’s permission. Notwithstanding the doctor’s oversight, many anti-abortion organizations and several different church groups are protesting claiming that the law is tantamount to permitting infanticide. 

The latest on-line statistics from the Rhode Island Department of Health reveals that in 2017 there was approximately 2000 abortions performed in RI. This number does not include any abortions that were performed out of state.

The Center for Disease Control, (CDC), reports that in 2017 there was nearly one million abortions annually in the United States. “Lila Rose Action,” the organization that went undercover and did the “sting” operation that video taped Planned Parenthood’s alleged illegal operation selling baby body parts for a profit, reports that abortionists are killing close to 13,000 children every year who are often fully developed and can survive outside the womb. That number translates into 356 innocent little babies being murdered every day!

The Center for Disease Control, (CDC) also reports that in 2017, there was approximately 39,773 deaths annually caused from gun shot wounds. Approximately two thirds of those deaths were the result of suicide. When the self inflicted gun shot deaths are subtracted from the total annual deaths in public shootings the number is approximately the same as those caused by the murder of the children during abortions.

That raises an important question? Why aren’t these deaths causing the same public outrage as the deaths caused by gunshot wounds? The principle reason is that the public never hears about them. They are not broadcast all over the news like the mass shootings are because of the old adage, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Whenever there is a mass shooting the TV camera’s and newspaper reporters are on the scene almost as quickly as the police and rescue squads. Usually, there is a live TV broadcast from the scene. Then the anti-gun lobby uses these insane shootings as a reason why the public should be restricted on how and when they can own a gun. 

 In addition, the people have become accustomed to abortions. Remember the TV news program when the Governor of Virginia, held a baby, wrapped up in a blanket and showed everyone watching how to end its life. Moreover, all the children in this report are not killed in the same place at the same time. They are murdered one at a time in independent abortion clinics or doctors’ offices all over the country.

Notwithstanding that, this practice is no secret. These statistics are public information. It’s disingenuous for anyone to say that they want to protect our safety by restricting our ownership of guns. What about protecting the 365 children that are being killed every day by abortionist? Don’t they count? Are they being overlooked simply because their deaths are not the result of a gunshot wound or because they do not correspond to the narrative of a grandstanding politician or the anti-gun hypocrites. Murderers who use guns to kill people are arrested and prosecuted. Abortionists who kill babies that could survive outside the womb should also be arrested and prosecuted for murder. State and Federal authorities should open investigations into these alleged crimes and bring those responsible to justice. 

James M. Mageau


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