To the Editor:

I had hoped that the 3 town council members that were anti-library would have considered one huge reason not to cut it’s budget.  Right now students can go everyday to the library for all kinds of functions.  If there is just one student that can no longer attend because of a 3 day library week he might find another outlet.  And that outlet could be something unsavory-a drink, a drug, a crime, an unpleasant deed or deal. If it keeps kids off the street and in a happy learning environment then it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Monday, June 3, the Narragansett Town Council in an effort to force the library to spend the money they had saved to give two employees pensions and to redo the new building they have been planning for and expecting for a long time in advance (as in the Belmont building) cut the budget 50%!  Our community has grown.  A small library is no longer feasible.  No consideration was given to the running of the wonderful programs offered to our citizens all year.  This whole awful situation has caused a lot of fine people grief.

Our community will feel this loss in the near future as the library is forced to close it’s doors to a 3 day work week.  I hope and wish that there is still a way for everyone to somehow work this out. Not by refusing to let people speak out at the meetings or using the money for a pickle ball court instead of a library which seems irrational and also like the actions of a vengeful bully.  But by working together and listening to reason.

Maybe there is still hope-even if we have to wait until it’s time to vote again for town council members in 2020. Let’s not forget the 3 members who feel a pickle ball court is more important than a library.  That a library isn’t beneficial to it’s people or it’s youth!

Corinne Adams


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