WEST WARWICK — A couple of weeks after authorizing Stalwart Films to film parts of season two of “NOS4A2” in town, the town council this week adopted a set of standards to be followed by any filmmaker who wishes to film in West Warwick. 

Inspired by the request of the makers of the popular AMC series to return to West Warwick to shoot scenes for the upcoming season, the resolution adopted Tuesday outlines the various requirements the town expects filmmakers to meet, Town Council President David Gosselin Jr. said.  

“We don’t know how long they’re going to do this for,” Gosselin said of “NOS4A2,” the supernatural horror series based on the novel by Joe Hill. “Obviously the show is very successful… and they’re going to continue coming to Rhode Island.”

The first season of “NOS4A2” was shot last year in locations statewide, including West Warwick. It debuted in June, and a month later was renewed for a 10-episode second season.

Filming for the second season is scheduled to occur on Home Street and at the civic center, said Laurie Swanson, marketing and event coordinator at the civic center. The makers of “NOS4A2” will pay $1,000 per day to film on town property, she said, adding that last year the town raked in nearly $7,000 for their use of the civic center’s parking lot. 

Josh Youman, a location manager for the series’ upcoming season, said he expects filming for episode three to happen next month in West Warwick. He said filming is happening “all over” Rhode Island, and should wrap up in mid-January. 

Final scripts are typically received around two weeks ahead of filming, said Youman, who added that abutters will be notified at least a week in advance. 

“We also intend to put out a flier in advance with our names, phone numbers, the hours [of filming], any parking restrictions, so people can contact us directly,” Youman added. “It’s important to get everyone on board and let everyone know the plan so people don’t get upset about the production.”

According to the regulations outlined in the resolution adopted this week, abutters within 200 feet of any property being used for filming must be given notice at least 48 hours prior to filming. 

The notification requirement is just one of several listed in the resolution — it also outlines license and insurance requirements, parking conditions, and requirements for meeting with various local department heads, including the police and fire chiefs. 

When the makers of “NOS4A2” came before the town council last year, Gosselin said, the town had no guidelines in place to inform the request. 

“They wanted to rent a school, they wanted to rent the civic center, they wanted to rent the town hall,” he recalled, “and we had nothing in place to make those decisions. We had to shoot from the hip at that time.”

Al DiFiore, an attorney for the town, said the resolution was compiled based on a series of meetings held last year regarding filming “NOS4A2.” 

“As the meetings progressed, we made notes of things that the fire chief wanted, things that the police wanted,” he said, adding that he compiled those notes into the resolution, which will be given out to all filmmakers in the future.  

DiFiore added that rather than just writing regulations, he wanted to have the town council adopt a formal resolution that could be referred to for years to come. 

“So that any time we have movies coming in,” he continued, “this can automatically be handed out to them.”

The council also on Tuesday voted unanimously to amend the town’s ordinance chapter on amusements to include wording that addresses filming. 

“Let’s hope more filmmakers come to West Warwick,” Gosselin said.  


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