WEST WARWICK — Two months after residents approved a $7 million road bond, the West Warwick Town Council has voted to award contracts for the rehabilitation of numerous roads throughout the town.  

The council voted unanimously during a special meeting Tuesday to authorize the Department of Public Works to award a $2.8 million contract to Warwick-based Cardi Corporation, and a second $4 million contract to Indus, based in Massachusetts. 

Cardi was the lowest bidder of six to conduct road rehabilitation services, including reclamation. Indus, meanwhile, was the only one to bid on another request for proposals to conduct road preservation services.  

“You've got two very, very good contractors,” Public Works Director Don Ouellette told councilors, noting that the town has used Cardi before, and that he himself has worked with Indus many times. “You couldn’t have asked for two better firms to be doing this work.”

While some of the streets that wind through West Warwick are in dire need of repair, others only require basic maintenance. The work to address those roadways should be getting underway shortly — the pre-construction conference was scheduled to take place on Thursday — and all projects are scheduled for completion by September of 2022, Ouellette said. 

“I expect to get 60, maybe 70 percent of the work done this year,” he said, “and then we’ll finish it up next summer.” 

Ouellette added that he already has a list of the first 10 streets in line for reclamation, a method that involves milling and reusing material already at the site: Michael Street, Claire Street, Edward Court, Exchange Road, Spruce Court, Turner Drive, Quaker Lane, Shady Hill Drive, Sycamore Drive and Hamlin Avenue. 

On some of those streets, Ouellette said, “the pavement is so bad that [they'll] have to reclaim down to the base, dig up the base, reset it, and then put down three and a half to four inches of mix.”

Next on the list is Lonsdale Street, the worse half of which will be reclaimed while the other half gets crack sealed; likewise, only part of Carlson Circle will be reclaimed, and the rest will receive crack sealing.  

Mark Bourget, who was elected to the Ward 5 council seat earlier this month but is yet to be sworn in, said Tuesday that, based on its condition, he would have liked to see Lonsdale Street higher on that list.

“That’s probably one of the worst ones in the entire ward,” he said, participating in the virtual meeting in an unofficial capacity. 

The list was compiled with input from the contractor, Ouellette said, adding that Turner Drive is actually in even worse shape than Lonsdale is. 

“Turner is absolutely horrid,” he said of the Ward 5 roadway. 

Town Council President David Gosselin also pointed out that the council has decided to divide up the road bond based on which roads are most needy, not necessarily splitting the money evenly among the wards.

As construction gets underway, councilor Jason Licciardi said, communication with residents will be crucial.  

“Traffic comes to a halt when the major roads are being done,” Licciardi said. “We need to get this out there to the public, because people need to go to work, kids need to go to school.”

Variable message boards will alert drivers to upcoming construction, Town Manager Mark Knott said, and CodeRed notifications will be sent out to residents. Ouellette said he's also willing to host some neighborhood meetings. 

Councilor Jason Messier echoed the importance of notifying residents.

“People are going to be happy,” Messier added. “We’re fixing the roads... it’s a temporary inconvenience, but at the end of the day, it’s a good problem to have.”


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