American Legion cedes liquor license

EAST GREENWICH—The commander of American Legion Post 15 in East Greenwich has voluntarily surrendered the post’s liquor license prior to a scheduled town hall hearing after it was revealed the location served Barbara Trojan, of North Kingstown, on the night she is alleged to have driven under the influence, resulting in a crash that killed Patricia Daniels, also of North Kingstown.

The post commander, John Holmes, said that he gave up the license due to the fact that the post did not have the corollary insurance required by the town. It is alleged by East Greenwich police that Trojan was seen drinking at the post for approximately five hours on the day that the crash occurred. Though unable to secure the insurance required for the liquor license, Holmes expressed that he would ensure all requirements were met if the post moved forward with applying for a new liquor license after the mandatory one-year waiting period was over.

The events of the day and night leading up to the crash are not immediately clear, and there is currently no evidence to suggest that the post over served Trojan or was aware that she would be driving after her time there. Reports indicate, however, that at the time of the crash, Trojan had a blood alcohol level of 0.225 percent. The legal blood alcohol limit in Rhode Island is .08 percent.

Holmes maintains that Trojan did not appear intoxicated at the time she left the post and that she was not overserved, and it is unclear how the town allowed a property without the required insurance to continually operate. The town is currently working to restructure the way in which it accepts and approves applications for liquor licenses and is mulling the possibility of a streamlined online application process. How businesses verify that they possess the appropriate insurance is now likely to become a key issue in that process.

Trojan is due to appear in court next on Dec. 16.

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