While a portion of mail-in votes have yet to be counted, some have already called the Primary race for Representative in Rhode Island's Second Congressional District, as incumbent Jim Langevin holds a strong lead over challenger Dylan Conley. As of Thursday morning, Langevin had recieved 15,368 votes (66.2 percent) compared to Conley's 7,848 votes (33.8 percent).  

While most polls around the state closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, the Rhode Island Board of Elections (BOE) released a statement shortly after that results from the state's Primary Election would become available "over the next several days," with the Board noting some mail-in ballots and other votes from emergency voting periods spurred by the pandemic had yet to be counted.

"These are ballots cast at the Boards of Canvassers in City/Town Halls since the Emergency Voting period began on Aug. 19," the BOE's statement reads on emergency voting. "These results will be transmitted by local Boards of Canvassers to the Board of Elections on the morning of Sept. 9 due to how our tabulation systems had to be securely configured to produce these results separately." 

"While the Board expects to count most mail ballots by Sept. 8, ballots placed in authorized drop boxes at City/Town Halls or in polling places must still be tabulated," the release continues. "These ballots are sealed in envelopes and held in secure and sealed containers by the local Board of Canvassers and will be delivered to the Board of Elections by noon on Sept. 9. Once these ballots have been processed, mail ballot results will be posted to our website. We expect this to occur by Sept. 10, depending on the volume of ballots received in drop boxes."

The state had a large number of mail-in ballots this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conley, a late challenger for the U.S. Representative seat in the Second District, along with Langevin, who is vying for an 11th term in the position, have yet to make a statement on Twitter, as many candidates are waiting for results to be finalized before conceding defeat or claiming victory

In Narragansett, 633 votes have been cast for Langevin (67.1 percent) compared to 310 votes for Conley (32.9 percent).

In South Kingstown, Langevin has received 1,206 votes (62.5 percent) against Conley’s 723 votes (37.5 percent).    

In East Greenwich, with three of three precincts reporting, Langevin has secured 280 votes (67.3 percent) compared to Conley's 136 votes (32.7 percent).

In North Kingstown, stately trends were again followed as Langevin has received 918 votes (69.7 percent) against Conley's 399 votes (30.3 percent).

On the Republican side, Robert Lancia holds a similarly large lead over Donald Robbio, with 6,339 votes statewide (73.4 percent) compared to 2,296 votes (26.6 percent) for Robbio. 

Lancia has received 178 votes (70.9 percent) in Narragansett, compared to 73 votes (29.1 percent) for Robbio.

In South Kingstown, 183 votes (69.3 percent) went to Lancia while 81 votes (30.7 percent) were cast for Robbio.

In East Greenwich, 105 votes have been cast for Lancia (73.9 percent) and 37 for Robbio (26.1 percent). 

In North Kingstown, Lancia has garnered 239 votes (68.7 percent), while Robbio has received 109 votes (31.3 percent). 

It is very likely Langevin will face off against Lancia in November. All results are still unofficial as of this time. 


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