Oakers starting to show consistency on court

The Oakers have improved their record by winning four of their last five matches.


COVENTRY - All season long, Coventry girls volleyball head coach Jill Krebs has been searching for consistency among her team, beginning with, but not limited to, a dependable starting lineup.

Within the past few weeks, it appears as though she has found one, as the Oakers have managed to thrust themselves out of the .500 stretch of play they had come to know for much of the year.

Monday’s Senior Night match against East Providence served as a slight exception from a lineup standpoint, with Krebs wanting to get all nine of her seniors in on the action, but the results remained the same. Behind Madison Dessert’s 10 kills and five digs and Gabby Brzoza’s nine kills, the Oakers capped a clean 3-0 sweep (25-16, 25-22, 25-17) over East Providence to close out the regular season with a solid 10-6 record.

Three weeks ago, the team sat at just 6-5 on the year, trading wins for losses on a regular basis, but since getting swept by La Salle on October 8, they have been on a bit of a tear, winning four of five to cap the regular season.

Monday’s Senior Night win served as the cherry on top.

“It was nice to get all of the seniors some playing time in the last game and not get too stressed out about the game. I think it was fun. We played well,” Krebs said.

The Townies (4-10) hung tough throughout the night, but were unable to overcome a superior Coventry team set on closing out regular season play on a winning note.

Madison Capwell, Madison Dessert, Katie Kiernan, Gabby Brzoza, Katherine Spangler, Serena White, Mackenzie Bonang, Julia Smidt and Meghan Perry, the team’s nine seniors all saw playing time on a night dedicated to them.

And yet, Coventry has seen contributions across the lineup this year, with sophomores like Emma Martin, Jillian Plante and Madison Lupino playing key roles for the team as well.

“A lot of young kids playing. We have three starting sophomores, one freshman who’s been getting playing time, so it’s promising for the future,” Krebs said.

That future entails getting set for the first round of the playoffs, set for some time in the middle of next week against an opponent yet to be determined, though Krebs has a hunch as to which team it will be.

“I have an idea of who we’re playing, but I’m not sure,” she said. “I’m pretty sure it’s Cranston East at Cranston East, I would think, but everyone still has to play. If I had to predict (based on) the win/loss records, it would be them.”

If that is indeed the case, then Coventry will have their hands full based on their two meetings with the Thunderbolts during the regular season. On September 17, they dropped a close five-setter before getting beaten by a 3-1 count in the rematch back home on October 18.

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