COVENTRY — Coventry’s elected officials were introduced this week to Lisa Mills, who was recently hired to serve as the town’s finance director. 

During a joint meeting held this week via Zoom between Coventry’s Town Council, School Committee and local legislators, Mills told those in attendance that she “enjoy[s] solving problems and financial planning.”

Mills comes to Coventry from Portsmouth, where she was hired in 2018 as the town’s finance director. 

Mills, who holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Louisiana Tech University, began her career as an auditor. She received a certified public accountant (CPA) license in 1990, and later enrolled at Bryant College, where she earned a Master of Science in taxation. 

“I decided I wanted a little more balance in my life, so I went into the corporate world, held different capacities as a tax manager and a [chief financial officer],” she said Wednesday. 

Mills was eventually recruited into municipal work, she said. 

She has served as the finance director and human resources director for the Town of Foster, where she lives, and as a controller for the Town of Johnston.  

A position appointed by the town manager, Coventry’s finance director is responsible for overseeing all of the town’s financial operations, “including, but not limited to, accounting and budgeting, control of expenditures, assessment and collection of taxes and other administration of trust funds,” according to the town charter. 

Mills takes the place of John Arnett, who after two years years on the job left his post as Coventry’s finance director in December to accept a position elsewhere.

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