554,636 Rhode Islanders are now considered fully vaccinated

RHODE ISLAND — In a state with a little more than a million people, Little Rhody was able to reach significant vaccine benchmarks quicker than some other states, but Rhode Island’s standings are still impressive nonetheless. 

“Right now, we’re in the top five in the country for fully vaccinated individuals,” Gov. Dan McKee shared during a press conference on Tuesday. “It’s thanks to the extraordinary work of many, many people.” 

According to statistics from the Rhode Island Department of Health, 554,636 Rhode Islanders are now considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — meaning it’s been a full two weeks since they received their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or the single vaccine dose from Johnson & Johnson. As of this week, 51.9 percent of Rhode Islanders are considered fully vaccinated. 

Statistics from the department of health show that 652,847 Rhode Islanders are at least partially vaccinated, which breaks down to about 61.6 percent of the state’s population.

In all, 1,384,490 doses have been received in Rhode Island. 

Three weeks ago, the Ocean State reached a major milestone after having successfully administered a million doses all across Rhode Island. 

The celebratory announcement came five months after the first vaccine dose was administered at Rhode Island Hospital, and came only a day after the Food and Drug Administration expanded emergency use authorization of Pfizer’s vaccine in adolescents ages 12-15. 

When looking at percentages of Rhode Islanders who are fully vaccinated by age grouping, it’s not surprising that the most recently eligible age group trailing everyone else. According to the Rhode Island Department of Health, 23 percent of adolescents ages 12-15 are fully vaccinated. Those ages 70-79 are leading in percentages of those fully vaccinated, at 90 percent. Those ages 60-69 closely follow at 80 percent, those 80 years of age and older stand at 75 percent. 

The percentage of those considered fully vaccinated climbs with each age category, with those 19-24 among the lowest at 32 percent, and 60 percent of those 50-59 years old at the higher end of the spectrum. 

In addition to breakdowns by age, the Rhode Island Department of Health is also looking at vaccine rates across different races. The lowest vaccine rates in Rhode Island are among the Hispanic and Black communities, which according to most recently available statistics, each fall at only 31 percent. Similarly, among both white and Asian populations, only 46 percent are considered fully vaccinated. 

The highest rates of vaccination in Rhode Island by race are among, Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders, and American Indian of Alaskan Natives are on the lower end of the spectrum at 40 percent. 

Where Rhode Islander live may also affect the likelihood they’ll receive the vaccine. 

The Rhode Island Department of Health has broken down statistics from all 39 cities and towns across the Ocean State, highlighting percentages of those partially and fully vaccinated, and rates among lower income communities have proven to be much lower. 

The City of Woonsocket has the lowest percentage of fully vaccinated residents in the entire state, coming in at just 35.7 percent. Providence and Pawtucket had slightly higher rates, falling at 41 percent and 41.2 percent, respectfully. 

In East Greenwich, which has one of the highest median household incomes in the entire state, 63.2 percent of the population is considered fully vaccinated. In Barrington, which is also home to some of the state’s highest earners, 61.6 percent of residents are fully vaccinated. 

Communities in southern Rhode Island are closely in line with the state’s percentages of those considered fully vaccinated, with Narragansett sitting at  52.7 percent, South Kingstown at 49.8 percent, North Kingstown leading the pack at 60.5 percent, Exeter at 53 percent and Coventry at 51.6 percent. 

New Shoreham has pulled far ahead of the rest of the state, with 92.7 percent of Block Island’s year-round population now being fully vaccinated. 

*This report was published in the Friday, June 4 issue of the Narragansett Time. The Rhode Island Department of Health updates COVID-19 statistics every Tuesday at 1 p.m.

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