PROVIDENCE – The state reached an “important milestone” Monday when over 90 percent of Rhode Islanders age 18 or older became partially vaccinated against COVID-19, a goal set by Governor Dan McKee during the early months of the state’s vaccination campaign. 

“Rhode Island might be small, but we are mighty – especially when it comes to getting shots in arms,” said the governor Monday. “Thank you to each and every Rhode Islander who stepped up to get vaccinated. It is because of you that we are leading the nation in vaccinations and economic recovery. Let’s keep going.”

Rhode Island is now second among the 50 states in terms of percentage of its population that is fully vaccinated, behind only Vermont. To date, 820,097 people in the state are partially vaccinated, with 746,157 of those individuals fully vaccinated (82.1 percent). Finally, a total of 1,539,808 vaccine doses have been administered in Rhode Island. 

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH), meanwhile, reports that 84.4 percent of eligible East Greenwich residents are partially vaccinated, and 80.1 percent are fully vaccinated. 79.7 percent of adult North Kingstown residents have received at least one dose of vaccine, and 76 percent are fully vaccinated, data shows. The numbers, by comparison, are a bit lower in Narragansett, with only 67.9 percent of eligible adults partially vaccinated in that town and 63.5 percent of those residents having received full vaccination. South Kingstown, meanwhile, represents the lowest totals of the four municipalities with only 64.5 percent of eligible adults partially vaccinated and 61.1 percent of those residents fully vaccinated, data from RIDOH shows.  

In Chariho, Charlestown leads the three towns wit 73.1 percent of its eligible resident population at least having received one dose, and 68.5 percent of adult residents fully vaccinated. Richmond follows with 69.8 percent of its adult population partially vaccinated and 66.7 percent fully vaccinated. 68. 2 percent of adult residents in Hopkinton, finally, have received partial vaccination and 64.5 percent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated, reports RIDOH. 

McKee has been consistent in tying vaccination rates to the state’s economic recovery. 

“Week after week, we gain momentum in our economic recovery,” he said. “These rankings are indicators that not only are we moving in the right direction in our public health and economic recovery, but we are maintaining that position – further proof that what we’re doing is working.”

“In less than 8 months, our Administration has moved the needle on our recovery from the pandemic, taking Rhode Island from the bottom 10 states nationwide for coronavirus deaths per capita to the state with the fewest deaths per capita,” McKe continued. “We were in the bottom 10 states for vaccine doses administered, and now, as of this week, rank second in the nation.”

  In nearly 11 months, the State of Rhode Island and federal partners, and community partners, have partially vaccinated 90 percent of Rhode Islanders 18 or older with Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations. COVID-19 vaccines continue to be available at sites across the state now including community centers, local businesses, and schools. Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and Moderna booster shots are now available and accessible wherever primary series are offered.

The milestone was reached as the state’s metrics around the COVID-19 pandemic, including new cases, deaths and hospitalizations, has declined in recent weeks, perhaps signaling an end to the surge of the more-contagious delta variant. 

“Reaching this 90 percent benchmark is the latest example of how Rhode Islanders have stepped up phenomenally throughout our COVID-19 vaccination campaign to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities,” said Director of Health Nicole Alexander-Scott. “Kudos are also due to all the community organizations throughout the state that worked so hard to get as many Rhode Islanders vaccinated as possible. To the eligible people who have not been vaccinated yet, it’s not too late. COVID-19 vaccine is your best protection against serious COVID-19 illness.”

Appointments for a COVID-19 primary series or booster shot can be made at or by calling 844-930-1779.

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