Keeping memories alive

Chariho’s Emma Hughes, center, stands with her senior teammates, from left, Meg Butler, Elizabeth Johnson, Ava DiBiasio, Emily Feisthamel, Daria DiBlasio and Spencer Shiels before practice on Tuesday. The jerseys they’re wearing were designed by Hughes in honor and remembrance of the late Maddie Potts and Hallie Linacre, both of whom played soccer for Chariho. 


WOOD RIVER JCT. — Chariho High soccer player Emma Hughes wasn’t sure how Hallie Linacre knew when she did something that stood out on the field, but she sure appreciated the attention that came her way when she did.

“After every game she would text me. I don’t know how, but she knew if I scored a goal,” Hughes said. “Just to have a girl in college paying attention, it meant so much to me. Even the little text wishing me luck before a game meant so much. I knew she was in college and busy. The fact she took that time for me was huge for me.”

Linacre, a former Chariho soccer player who graduated in 2017, passed away unexpectedly in May. She was a three-year starter at Nichols College.

Hughes had known Linacre for much of her life, and their families even vacationed together.

“Growing up, I always looked up to her and she was like an older-sister role model,” Hughes said. “But she never treated me like I was four years younger. She treated me like an equal.”

Hughes, a senior back on this year’s team, has designed a warmup for the team that honors Linacre and Maddie Potts, a Chariho player who passed away in 2017 after suffering a brain aneurysm during a game.

Hughes was also close with Potts, her younger sister, Julia, and their family.

“She was a light in everyone’s life,” Hughes said. “She was always there for everyone else first. She knew everyone on the team, from JV to varsity. She knew when you were having a bad day and she gave you extra attention.”

Hughes said she came up with the idea of a warmup to honor both players.

“I just wanted to do something that would have both their names and honor them before a game and think about them,” Hughes said.

On the front of the shirt, is a logo in the corner with “#FOREVER TOGETHER” and the initials and uniform numbers of Potts and Linacre. The back of the shirts has Linacre’s name and uniform number.

Hughes said both Linacre and Potts have affected the way she lives her life.

“I definitely pay attention to the little things more,” Hughes said. “When I have to make decisions on the field or in school I definitely think of them. They way I live my life, I want to continue their legacies.”

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