Local poet inspired by nature, releases second book

HOPKINTON –  “Empty hoses twist and turn, valves frozen, metal rusted, as earth grows where man tried….”

At only 26 years old, Katrina Thornley has an old soul; a combination of Frost-like rhythm and Thoreau’s intuition.

“I’ve been writing since second grade but until about five years ago I actually hated poetry,” she recently said. 

It wasn’t until big plans were being made to construct office buildings at the serene location  of Browning Mill Pond that Thornley began venturing to the quiet shore there and putting her feelings regarding man versus nature on paper. 

The pond has been a big part of Thornley’s life. She used to walk there to do her homework, to meet up with her boyfriend, to obtain the tranquility that is becoming more difficult to find. 

“...finding beauty in water reflection, and serenity in green grass beyond, we forget the reason we needed to run away...” 

Deeply interested in the history of families as well as the lands they lived and died upon, Thornley resides on an acreage  that has belonged to her ancestors since the 1700s. 

“My great-aunt used to write poetry,” she said. “And I remember my grandfather, whenever I went to his house, he was sitting in a chair reading a book. My teachers and my parents always encouraged me to write.”

Thornley published her first collection of poetry “Arcadians” in the autumn of 2020, just after she and an author friend started their own small publishing company, Exeter Publishing. 

“The book is about pride in a small town,” she said. “Bringing back the innocent days before we realized how crazy the world is.”

A University of Rhode Island graduate with a degree in English, Thornely said that what makes her poetry unique is the way it can be interpreted in enough ways that every reader obtains a different meaning from it.   

“...beautiful flowers planted by bygone wives…” 

Her second book of poetry “Wooden Mystics” has just been released and she describes it as “a look into how far we have come since we were kids but not in a good way. We take things for granted now. We treasure things more when we are children.”

A collection of short stories and several novels about life in small towns will follow. More poetry, inspired by local forests, ponds and brooks, will flow onto paper in the years to come.

“...the essence of a small town’s nature flooding my veins…”

Currently, her first book is holding five-star reviews on Amazon and she hopes the second one will fare as well. Eventually she sees herself as a full-time poet and author. For now, most days are spent working as a customer service representative at The Beadery in Hope Valley while, outside, her palette waits for her to assign human words to nature’s language.

“...once home to fire, to warm ancestors, in a world we forgot…”

Katrina Thornley’s books can be purchased on Amazon or from her website at www.seekatwrite.com

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