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HOPKINTON – To your eyes they can be delicate pinks and icy blues; to your fingertips, smooth and burnished or jagged and cool. What did each represent in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians and the medicine bags of Native tribes? And what do they represent for you?

Semiprecious stones and crystals have been cherished for centuries as talismans, amulets and conduits for positivity to push the negativity out of our personal energy fields.

Known as lapidary medicine, the process of utilizing stones and crystals to heal and balance reaches back into the history of numerous tribes and cultures. Our ancestors believed that each stone had its very own frequency and vibration, bringing forth a desired outcome. Turquoise was known for having a calming effect while hematite was used to calm anxiety. Amethyst acted as an intuition enhancer and moonstone brought good fortune. With hundreds of semiprecious stones, every form of healing or happiness is covered.

Healing stone artist Sheryl Gardiner explained that the energy inside stones react differently to different individuals and that, while most people chose their healing stones based on a physical attraction, they should pay more attention to how the stone feels in their hands.

“I can pick up obsidian and immediately my fingers will start tingling,” she said. “Even though I’m not attracted to it, it’s the stone that works for me.”

Precious stones, when the correct ones are chosen, are helpful in a variety of ways, Gardiner said. “The energies in the stones can help with depression, pain and anxiety. They can also be beneficial to the blood and to those who are seeking love.” 

On March 7 at 6 p.m., Gardiner will host a Healing Stone Workshop at Wisdom Way Farm, located at 19 Friel Farm Way in Hope Valley.

During the workshop, which will go on for about an hour, Gardiner will explain the healing power of stones before letting each attendee select stones in which to make a healing bracelet which they can take home.

“I’m going to go to everyone individually and help them,” she said. “The stones will be laid out and I’m going to explain to everyone that the best stones for us might not be the ones we are most attracted to. I’ll also show them how to make the bracelets.”  

Each bracelet will be comprised of one or more semiprecious stones, with beads and fillers on a wire with silver findings. 

The cost to attend the workshop is $15 per person. Those wishing to attend must register first by calling 401-206-7330.

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