Local businesses team up

Rotary Club of Chariho President Gil Barnes and Chariho Furniture owner Ed Smith visit with WRHS President & CEO Alison Croke in one of the newly furnished treatment rooms. The club and the store teamed up to furnish the rooms for the health center’s Behavioral Health Program.

The excitement in the hallway is palpable every time another client spies the new suite of furniture in the Behavioral Health treatment rooms at Wood River Health Services for the first time.

Carefully chosen with both style and comfort in mind, with the goal of helping distressed clients to relax, the new furnishings, valued at somewhere north of $10,000 retail, were donated through a unique partnership between Chariho Furniture in Richmond and the Rotary Club of Chariho. 

The partnership began when WRHS Development Coordinator David Henley, a member of Chariho Rotary, reached out to Ed Smith, owner of Chariho Furniture and a member of the club almost as long as the club has existed, for advice on replacing the old, worn office furniture that had been in the rooms with something that would help clients feel more at ease. 

Smith, on seeing the rooms, challenged the club to match him in donating what was needed and brought in his daughter, an interior designer for the store, to put together just the right collection.

With the club onboard for half the cost, Smith also threw in design, delivery and setup, made sure the furniture was sturdy enough to last and the materials would stand up under years of heavy usage.

“This was an extraordinarily generous donation by Ed and by the Club that will help our clients enormously,” WRHS President and CEO Alison Croke said. “It is vital that our clients feel comfortable, safe and cared for as they work their way through treatment. This gift, and the number of people involved through their Rotary connections, shows that their community is behind them one hundred percent.” 

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