Everyone is unique. Everyone is equal. Everyone has gifts and talents to share. The world functions well when we all recognize these simple points. Recognizing our gifts, primarily through identifying what it is we love, and then pursuing activities that utilize these skills and loves allows a person to comfortably feel they are participating in their life and the lives of those around them. They also seem to effortlessly do their best.

We talk a great deal about being happy here in On the Bookshelf. Why so interested in happiness? Happy people do not do mean things. Happy people are forcing nothing in life. Happy people know how to rest and trust life to take care of life. Happy people do not try to control situations and other people. Happy people know enough is enough. Happy people do not cling to life or anyone or anything in their life. These seem like truly relevant considerations in a world that can appear hard and cruel. It is not.

Today’s book is entitled ​The Real Me: Find and Express Your Authentic Self ​by Mark Eyre. It is published by Business Expert Press, and was first released in 2017. He identifies the general trend of our country towards materialistic goals, general discontent and illustrates a different path we may consider to get more on our own track. We can contribute to others and the whole, but we need not be slaves to it. Our liver does not work for our heart, the two are compatible in a system that requires both. This is a simple analogy.

Rumi wrote “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” How do we identify what we love, so we may allow it to be what we do? It is all somewhat circular or spiral shaped. We try lots of things and find the ones that make us feel good. We also will identify the ones that do not fit. We then find ways to do the things that make us feel emotionally positive and healthy, and we try to discover ways to build a life around this. We, as always, note that if we are identified with how whatever we do is helping others, we will find happiness in almost anything.

When we have found our lives, we also find that these activities seem relatively easy to participate in. Abundance, especially here in the USA, is always right there following in the path of what we love. We seem to get what we need, and we are not always sure exactly how. It seems a divine scenario has been set for us. Perhaps it has! Identify what we love, try to build on that, whatever it takes, with intention, and the rest comes along.

We must drop this crazy competitive spirit, like winning is everything. When one wins, another loses. This is not a recipe for happiness for all. If the liver competed with the heart, one would lose, and the whole body would die, regardless of which one wins. Play for the fun of life, and root for your fellow players, all of them to do their best. The result will be quite different. Perhaps there is already a trend towards this. Friendly competition is never really all that friendly.

We are always going to be presented with challenging situations. We need to be able to simply ask for help. Remember we live in a world filled with nearly eight billion other people who also have skills and would be quite gladdened to help. We have to be able to trust, ask and see what happens. We do a lot of guessing the future, and it is not a skill. We can complete tasks that will lead to potentially positive results, like calling a plumber when the toilet breaks, and not a baker. Asking for help gives other potential happiness. Think of how you feel when you help someone. Do not steal other people’s happy!

Our book today, ​The Real Me, ​gives us a sense of how we are not being authentic if we are just working for the check, grumpily moping along, complaining constantly. If we need to change something, all we need do is follow our hearts, find our loves and take action in that direction. Life is too short and sweet to miss. The goal is happiness now, and we have everything we need right inside us. Let us move forward together, helping each other at every turn, and see what happens. Who knows? It could be mighty lovely!

Enjoy and read on!

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